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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Voters DeKline GOP Attacks

DJK has posted some polling showing Coleen Rowley is competitive with Colonel Kline. This would go a long way in explaining why Kline has come out early and negative in CD2.

Klines latest attacks accuses Coleen of having no stand on issues. (Does Kline even listen to his own claptrap nonsense or is his campaign staff just as stupid?).

Fact: Coleen's website has posted ten issue (which doesn't include her OpEd's and blogs).

Fact DeKliner: Kline's campaign website has posted ZERO issues. (Unless you count the fluff that says he supports a strong economic...yada yada yada..)

This is really a page out of the RNC Rovian play book...accuse Democrats of your own short failings, attack, attack and attack, deflect from the issues and attack some more. We've seen this for the last 6 years and voters are smarter now. Kline and the GOP attack dogs are 'staying the course' with their old campaign tricks:
Already the Republican National Committee (RNC) has acknowledged in a recent Washington Post report that it plans to go on the attack with brawling ads that zero in on personal issues and local controversies. In a memo cited in the Post story, the RNC urged House and Senate candidates to find "damaging material about challengers" and "define your opponent immediately and unrelentingly."
We see this policy again with Alan Fine's attack on Keith Ellison character. Instead of running on issues, Fine will wage a personal attack campaign rather than talk to voters about issues that affect them, their family and community. Gee, GOP should rename themselves 'Get Out Poop' because that's about all they offer Minnesota's voters....fake outraged, over the top theatics, dirty smears, and negative campaigning.
Republicans are planning to spend the vast majority of their sizable financial war chest over the final 60 days of the campaign attacking Democratic House and Senate candidates over personal issues and local controversies, GOP officials said.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, which this year dispatched a half-dozen operatives to comb through tax, court and other records looking for damaging information on Democratic candidates, plans to spend more than 90 percent of its $50 million-plus advertising budget on what officials described as negative ads.

Fortunately, Minnesotan voters are smarter and the recent polls are reflecting it. They aren't buy GOP poop when they can have DFLers.

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