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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mike Hatch's First Ad

Well, Mike's first ad is out and its not too bad.

It is not what I normally would like to see - I would like to see something a bit harder hitting, something more fun and upbeat, but I am not the target for this ad. This is a good introductory piece playing up Mike's strengths, and I mean that literally. He is a fighter, which has rubbed some of my friends the wrong way (and well, it has rubbed me that way in the past too). But this is exactly what we need in MN, a tough Governor that isn't going to play nice with all that threatens our way of life here. Tim "the weenie" Pawlenty, may want to make everyone think he is cute and sweet and all, but you can have him and George W as you drinking buddy all you want, but we don't need them in office anymore. Mike Hatch, may not be cuddly, but he will fight tooth and nail for the security and health of this state. That is clear from this ad.

If you want help this ad out, click here and donate!

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