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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More DeKlining Values From Rep. Kline

Congressman John Kline (MN-R- CD2) has a lot more in common with Richard Nixon these days. Clearly Kline has stepped over the line of public service to public harrassment. Wonder if I ask to see my 'file' if he'll allow it, or is it soley for his personal use in smearing people? Is it no wonder Kline supports warrentless wiretaps.
The Star Tribune's Kevin Diaz reports that Kline's office had been gathering blog posts from Paul Bartlett, a DFL activist who has written unfavorable things about Kline in the past.

Today Bartlett responded to the revelation:
Kline's staff exposed their dark underbelly during their Diaz interview, revealing that they have maintained "a lengthy file of his e-mails and blog entries." I would expect that they would maintain my e-mails, after all, I was a constituent and had every right to contact my congressman, but to admit that they search the blogs looking for my postings is disturbingly paranoid

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