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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Note to Pawlenty: Buy Books Not Ads

Governor Pawlenty has a new ad entitled Pawlenty and Education. But from personal experience, I know how Pawlenty's term in office has affected education:

My daughter ( the same age as Pawlenty's daughter ) attended the same primary school and was in many of the same classes. One day I happen to be talking to one of the teachers who mentioned my daughter 'forgot' to do her homework. Having several children, I know that a parent needs to react immediately to let their children know school work is part of their responsibility. That same day, I showed up after school and in front of the teacher asked my daughter to explain her missing homework assignment.

Knowing even in third grade it was a serious situation because mom showed up unexpectedly, my daughter, on the verge of tears explained she couldn't do her homework because she didn't have the school book! Before I could question her further the teacher's eyes lit up and while sympathically patting my daughters hand she said "now I understand and will take care of it". Naturally, I pressed for an explanation.

The teacher told me there wasn't enough books for each student so some were sharing (every other day)...only the boy that my daughter was sharing with had forgotten his book at home, so my daughter didn't get a chance to do the assignment.

So in a middle class suburban primary school that Governor's Pawlenty own daughter attends there weren't enough books for every student! Makes you wonder how inner city schools that are grossly under funded and over crowded with cultural and language differences are faring?

As to Pawlenty's ad....He should spent the money on books for our schools...they need them a lot worse than they need his ads making empty promises!

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