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Friday, September 08, 2006

CD5, don’t worry, it will be over soon

So Mike has been filling Paul’s roll in the final week, that’s a shame. However Ember is not being completely straight with us either.

From MPR: (emphasis mine)

Reichgott Junge says she’s a proven progressive, and is disappointed with Erlandson’s mailing. “There is no question that I’m strong on gun control, there is no question that I have always opposed the Iraq war, there is no question that I always opposed the privatization of Social Security. He says differently. He is just simply misleading the voters,” says Reichgott Junge.”

Hmmm, Ember strong on gun control? Really now...

There is a big difference in criticism on their record and personal attacks. Ember needs to understand that questioning her past voting record is always legitimate, and it is in question.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the MPR story, which I hadn't heard. How in the world is Ember's vote for stripping Minneapolis of its power to regulate guns more strictly actually a vote for getting that power for the suburbs, as she contorts herself to claim? I don't want to slam John Kerry, but it's a lot like, "I voted for the war before I voted against it."