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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Had Enough? Time to Throw John Kline Out!

Have You Had Enough Of John Kline? Vote Rowley!

Things worked out so well with the first version of the "had enough" video that the Executive Producer and the musicians who did the song have done a special version specific for Coleen Rowley's race against John Kline. It also happens to be 60 seconds long... perfect for TV or radio use.

Follow the bouncing ball and sing along as it's "Time to throw John Kline out".

Howie Klein (Executive Producer of the music) is willing to help out other progressive campaigns with this video. He's done custom audio versions for several congressional campaigns and local DFLer (and so much more) Mike McIntee is cutting the video versions as fast as he can. If you know of a U.S. House or Senate campaign that could use this kind of help, please get in touch with Mike McIntee. He's doing the work as a private citizen for free....oh and donate to Coleen Rowley because we've had enough!


If you like the video, pass it along to your friends.


Moses said...


That is how to do a campaign commercial, if a candidate is looking for a cool, hip vein ladened with content.

Moses said...


I took the liberty of posting Rowley's ad on Yowling, with credit to you, of course. Best of luck to her campaign. She's a true underdog and if she wins, it will be partytime in Congress.