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Monday, September 18, 2006

Murtha, Oberstar and Rowley

I attended the Murtha, Oberstar and Rowley event Sunday at the VFW hall in Rosemount. The place was packed, standing room only. About half were vets. Many we’re like me, the spouse of a vet (my husband was too ill to attend).

As luck (!?)would have it I got to stand next to a troll that wanted to ‘exercise his first amendment rights’ by baiting and heckling. Oberstar was introduced with a reference to all his great work on port security. The troll loudly proclaimed ‘what about immigration and the borders?’. Another vet who looked to be about 70 replied calmly, ‘Ports are borders’. The general area broke out in chuckles and smiles…It was right after that the troll made his stage right exit.

There was lots of excitement inside and more and more and out. It reminded me of the 60’s with all the outside protesters and counter protesters.

Kline’s folks were in full fruity neo-con mode even verbally attacking the kids (do you really want that kind of behavior on your behalf Mr. Kline? Some of them were staff members of Kline as caught on video and posted on IMP)

Mike called it ‘Weirdness in CD2’, but it’s not…it’s a lack of respect for Congressman Oberstar with 26 years serving Minnesota, a decorated veteran who has served more than 30 years in the house, Congressman Murtha, DFL endorsed candidate and retired FBI agent with 24 years, Coleen Rowley, the veterans and general public that attended this event. As The wege pointed out:

If current members of the Republican party cannot stomach Coleen Rowley or Jack Murtha, then they have moved further right than this country has been since the days of lynching. I'm not kidding myself at all when I support Democrats like Rowley and Murtha. These are people who today are still further to the right than pre-Attica Nelson Rockefeller was in the '60s.

It was a way to attempt to intimated and bully which is a mimic of how Kline and Bu$h have govern the last term. These are not the values of Minnesotans. All I could think of was how decorated veterans deserved better than Kline. We all deserve better. Vote for change, vote Coleen Rowley.

PS...for some reason the title (Murtha, Oberstar and Rowlely) reminded me of Abraham, Martin and John sung by Dion and the Belmonts. Maybe some budding musican might be inspired to write a tune...

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