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Friday, September 15, 2006

A Fair and Free Election? Think Again.

A new study released yesterday by The Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University, demonstrates just how easy it is to steal an election without leaving a trace

Does anyone doubt that Karl Rove would do ANYTHING to win an election? Whisper campaigns about Ann Richards being a lesbian, push polls suggesting that John McCain fathered an illegitimate child, lying to the FBI about his office being bugged by the opposition and voter suppression drives are all hallmarks of a Rove run campaign.
Name one thing in his moral character that would suggest he WOULDN’T tamper with election results ? Yeah, I can’t think of anything either.

Without full confidence that our elections are free and fair, we don’t have a democracy. As long as Democrats in Congress refuse to engage on this issue, they remain a bigger part of the problem than those who would exploit vulnerabilities in the system.

Karl Rove being a snake is expected, but Democrats are to blame for continuing to provide him the opportunity. I want to know that our elections are secure so I don’t have to rely on faith that Rove and his kind will play by the rules. That would require a level of self-delusion that I’m simply not capable of.

hattip to the (liberal) girl next door.

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