I grew up reading comic books wanting to be a superhero. Comics taught me that those who speak the truth are heroes, all the rest are liars.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bachmann Will Be At Teabaggers Convention In Spirit!

Minnesota's Rep. Michele Bachmann (CD5) has bailed on the Tea Baggers Convention citing it's unclear how the money raised will be spent to lie and smear Democrats and therefore ethic rules might be violated (or something like that..) Fortunately Palin doesn't have to rely on the same attorney for her ethics and still plans to speak to the gathering of white-winged nuts.

So Bachmann is not speaking but a true believer would at least attend, wouldn't she? Guess not! In a formal statement, Bachmann's office made clear that her decision doesn't mean she's turning her back on her Tea Party supporters...(probably just being more prudent and spending the time washing her KKK whites and sewing new hoods for the rest of her clansman.)

...Just heard that accordion-master Joel Guzman will be performing with the Prairie Home Companion folks on January 30 in Tucson, AZ. In case you forget who this guy is, check out the video:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama Will Be Serving It Up Tonight

State of the Union drinking games were so much more fun when Bush was in office. It offered a practical way to take the edge off a very sad chapter in America's history. I still can't hear 'evil-doers' or 'terrorists' without wanting to take a shot (as in drink not at him!). Well my love affair with Obama (one-sided from the start as I admit to supporting Hillary) has now brought me to the SOTU(State of the Union) 2010 drinking game. Alex Leo at HuffPo lists a few really good suggestions like a shot every time Obama mentions 'let be be clear', 'change isn't easy', or 'jobs'...naturally if he mentions health care you don't drink (who could afford a new liver?!)

Feel free in joining me tonight while I listen to the SOTU on my big ass screen TV while mixing from the fully stock bar...Who would have dreamed a year ago we'd still be playing political games? Sadly, most of us.

Monday, January 25, 2010

She Still Has A Pulse

When I read news reports like The Hill's reporter Aaron Blake writing "election woes: Expectations crumble as retirements mooted"...I wonder why news editors don't at least do a reality check to get the facts!..even ABC reports that "Democrats are dropping like flies", the truth of the matter as Steve Benen points out.... Democrats are still very much alive!

"In the House, 14 GOP incumbents have decided not to seek re-election, while 10 Democratic incumbents have made the same announcement. Does this mean Republicans are "dropping like flies"?"

"In the Senate, six Republican incumbents have decided not to seek re-election, while two Democratic incumbents have made the same announcement. Is this evidence of a mass Democratic exodus?',

No, we're still alive and kicking...very much so! So why does the media make it seem like we're taking our last gasp of air? And why don't we see the same stories about the GOP when they obviously have more exiting public life...why? Oh yeah, must be the liberal bought media...bawhahah...Reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated...mostly...

I once met jimmy page in tahoe during the 70's...Ah those were wild days!

Is it just me?

Or is this really funny:

A team of scientists got together at the California Institute of Technology to work on a global-warming "Frankenstorm" scenario, but about a dozen members canceled due to the torrential rain fall that “pelted wildfire-stripped hillsides and flooded highways in California.

Or is this kinda of sad?

I just saw that music icon Leon Russell had brain surgery last week. I guess it was sometime in the 80s (a few months after his heart surgery) I caught both him and Edgar Winter in Spokane, Washington. I was there working so it was a more than pleasant surprise to have the opportunity to see them together performing.

Leon is always kind of deadpan when performing but you could tell he was still recovering anf frail. I'm assuming he needed the money for medical costs as most musicians don't have health insurance. Edgar however really put on a show. Funny thing is up until that show, I would have gone seen Leon but probably not Edgar....I was wrong about not see Edgar...hes a class act well worth the price of admission..as still is Leon!

I saw Leon performing with his kid a few year back...hope I have the opportunity to see him again in the future.

Frankenstein...Edgar Winter

Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Vikings...and Prince

I scored free tickets to the Viking game last Sunday. The deal was I had to play sports trivia for a Best Buy gift certificate. I did, and won (yes they let me have three guesses until I got the correct answer, but I did eventually get the answer!) I heard Prince was there but he didn't hook me up. I'm a huge Prince fan but really his new Viking song sucks...sounds too churchy, instead of a stand up and fight it out song! Just saying...GO Vikings! Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Giving It Up To Silence

Giving it up to Corporations: No Values but Money. No Morals But Power
The Supreme Court has ruled that corporations may spend freely to support or oppose candidates for president and Congress, easing decades-old limits on their participation in federal campaigns. Can you say “Company owned and paid for Elected Officials?” Insurance companies can now buy your legislator legally…how depressing…

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pawlenty of Greed For CEOs

Mike McIntee from the UpTake asks Pawlenty a question...

Why is it okay to cut funding to schools, and make them accountable, but not cut CEO salaries and bonuses? We are after all in the same communities, states, UofA...When did greed in the private sector become okay? Isnt that why were in the current ecomomic melt down...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Women's Suffrage 95 Years Ago

95 years ago today, women's suffrage failed to pass the House on a vote of 174 in favor and 204 against. It took five more years for the 19th Amendment to get the 2/3 majority it needed to become law.

95 years ago, Mrs. Arthur M. Dodge, President of the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, bragged after the vote was taken:

"The deliberations of the House of Representatives today were, of course, of the greatest importance because the final vote was such as to persuade the country forever that the National Congress will not undertake to dictate to the various States what they shall do in the regulation of their franchise.

"In my opinion today's work in the House demonstrated that from now on the wave of hysteria in which the suffragists have indulged or of which they have been the victims will be on the wane."

I don't think it's too surprising that women were on both sides of the issue of women's rights, afterall, isn't it the same today? Wonder if Palin would be leading the charge against Woman's suffrage? Probably along with most of our elected representatives.

Record numbers of women have won races for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in the last election but that record points to our inequality. In the US Senate we hold a record of 17 seats (one fifth of the total). In the US House we hold 74 seats out of a possible 435....still a ways to go if you consider we are 55% of the population....these baby steps are killing me...

US Senate
17 women total
13 Democrats, 4 Republicans

US House of Representatives
74 women total
57 Democrats, 17 Republicans
21 are women of color
12 African-Americans (12D)
7 Latinas (6D, 1R)
2 Asian-Americans (2D)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Putting Lipstick On Mike Parry's Tweets

Mike Parry, MN GOP endorsed candidate for the special election in Senate District 26 seems to share the same traits we see in many right-wing extremist these days: bigoted, racist and anti-gay, ignorant of facts, willing to lie and taint others, and paranoid.

Then instead of taking ownership of his disturbing tweets... Parry tries to have them disappear (scrubbed from this Twitter account), then offered a half hearted excuses for his offensive statements, then says he wouldn’t know how to ‘scrub’ tweets. When asked if someone had
erased the posts on his behalf, Parry said there are people who know his password but he had ‘no clue’ about who it would be.

So the question Minnesotan voters in SD26 have...Is this ‘clueless’ extremely offensive guy the one to represent you? I’m sure there are other bigoted, racist, stupid folks that will continue to support and vote for Parry…but most Minnesotans don’t hold with his extreme lack of values. Today the DFL is asking for Mr. Parry to answer some specific questions…maybe he’ll tweet the responses but this time with lipstick....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Depressing Cold

It's been depressingly cold in Minnesota for several weeks. The back streets in my neighborhood have been plowed once and are now covered with a polished icy veneer similiar to what is on my driveway and sidewalks. The little dogs can't do their business in the snow (too deep)...so we have to clean the sidewalks of their poop. Yes, winters in Minnesota can be trying...but not like this: When I read this tibit by BlueCollar Daughter, I wanted to cry…I keep hearing from the media that we are starting an economic recovery but when I look around at my friends and family, nothing could be further from the truth. Most of us are just hoping to make it til spring. Maybe it's just the cold speaking, but the information just get's worse...The National Association of Realtors says pending home sales fell 16 percent in November, the first decline following nine straight months of gains.

I have a friend that lives a block from the Apollo...maybe this spring I'll go visit. I could use a break from the depressing cold and even more depressing economics.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Bah Humbug Pawlenty To Neighbors

There are lots of signs pointing to the great recession...including our own state of Minnesota jumping from the 26th highest foreclosure rate in nation to a record high 18th highest over the last 12 months...The Minnesota foreclosure rate is up 56% over last year. And while foreclosures have hit Minnesota’s economy hard, leading to a debate among policymakers over how best to provide relief to the state’s families, Pawlenty spends his time campaigning for higher office.

So it wasn't a big surprise to me (and probably not even noticed by Governor Tim Pawlenty) when the house right across from the Governors residences was foreclosed on the week before Christmas. In fact there were three foreclosures in his neighborhood in December, 3950 Worchester Drive, 4112 Prairie Ridge Road, and 3959 Worchester Drive.

In 2007, Pawlenty beefed up counseling for families in danger of losing their homes (no money but pawlenty of advice!). And while counseling is important, it's just the first step...a band aid until real help can be obtained. Unfortunately the ballooning Minnesota foreclosure rate gives proof to the inadequacy of just relying on counseling. According to Pawlenty:
"There is a resistance sometimes for people who are in these situations to ask for help. They feel like there is some shame, or some need to be secret or private about it. We want to encourage people that there is no problem or shame, and they shouldn't let pride get in the way of asking for help."

In 2008, Pawlenty gave into corporate efforts to protect banking interests, and vetoed SF 3396, which would have put a temporary hold on foreclosures while still requiring borrowers to make payments on their loans. He again offered 'expanded foreclosure counseling workshops'.

In 2009, Pawlenty left Minnesota far behind to campaign for higher office...Wonder if Pawlenty's neighbors went to counseling? Wonder if Pawlenty knows who they are or sent them a Christmas card? Wonder what they think about Pawlenty's run for higher office?

Small satisfaction in that his house value drops whenever there is a foreclosure within 5 miles...small indeed compared to the pain his foreclosed neighbors faced the week before Christmas.