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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doug Wardlow -GOP 38B - Let's Talk Intolerance!

Dave Mindeman at mnpACT! has posted up on GOP MN House candidate in 38B, Doug Wardlow. He cites Wardlow's anonymous blogging at  The Rostra that was maintained while Doug clerked (or do I mean 'while clerking'?). But  his anonymous posting of partisan viewpoints wasn't as damming as his over excessive characterization and need to vilify anyone with different views than his own. 

Like many of the 'talkingheads from the right, Doug Wardlow like to tell us what the 'the liberals', 'the left', 'the media' thinks thereby defining them. He sustains his point of view by distortion and demonizing, vilifying, marginalizing, and trivializing those with different views. It's the classic 'us' and 'them' mentality that leads to unresolved problems while our elected politicians argue on, block and obstruct.

From his post entitled "Extreme Liberals: Motivated by Hate"
"They hate Republicans, and hate being out of power. And they are so blinded by their hatred and liberal ideology that they place regaining power and destroying the policies and preferences of the Republican majority above even sustaining American democracy -- and hence they feel no qualms about utilizing liberal judges to enact law from the bench where their ideas lose in the court of public opinion."
Wardlow's intolerance of anyone without his views leads us to ask...'How can he possibly be in a position to reach across the isle and move Minnesota forward?' Clearly, Wardlow won't be able to reach out to anyone that doesn't hold his narrow views. Doug even goes so far as to cite the nightly news in his list of intolerable things calling them 'Machiavellian'.
"I have now actually reached a point where I find it very, very difficult to watch the nightly news or read CNN's web page" (feb 2)
Scared yet? Then this should make you stay awake at night worried about the election outcome.... Doug Wardlow states he doesn't have to believe in the provisions of our Constitution or the Supreme Court of America because it (they) don't hold his 'correct' position! (Almost makes you wonder why he's not running Tea Party instead of GOP given how right of the right his issue base is!)
"Because I do not believe that the meaning of the Eighth Amendment, any more than the meaning of other provisions of our Constitution, should be determined by the subjective views of five Members of this Court [Supreme Court] and like-minded foreigners, I dissent." (march 1)
Wardlow's disdain for our system, the America's Supreme Court, our laws and politicians leads us to wonder if he's running to just break it permanently? Moreover, is this the person to represent us in Eagan?

Lastly...Wardlow scrubbed some of his post...including the one I have posted in it's entirety below....In it Doug Wardlow rails against campaign reform offered by the bi-partisan McCain-Feingold bill and instead defends the wealthy's ability to buy free speech unfairly...
"We must reverse course, we must not be fooled into thinking that fairness and equality in political speech can justify putting irons on the eloquent and wealthy"
From Rosta (cached file on google)
Wednesday, August 25, 2004

McCain-Feingold: The End of Political Free Speech and the Erosion of the Rule of Law

Of all of the types of speech implicated by the first amendment, political speech has always been deemed the most important. Our right to criticize the government, to call into question the policies, actions, and even character of our leaders, incumbent candidates, and political challengers ought to be the most cherished part of the freedoms that the first amendment attempts to protect. Even if Madison’s initial opposition to the bill of rights had been successful, freedom of political speech would still be implicit in the structures of our government as laid out in the constitution, structures that, in the absence of free speech, could not properly function.

But now the warning of Justice Scalia in his McConnell dissent has been proven all too true: in our zealousness to achieve equality and fairness on playing field of politics, we have dealt serious blows to that most critical institution, our freedom to criticize our government. We have allowed those in office, those who have the most vested, parochial interest in regulating the course of our political discourse, to shape and limit it. And, as Scalia also points out, now that the Court has announced that preventing circumvention of campaign finance laws is a valid justification for promulgating new, more restrictive campaign finance laws, no logical principle remains to prevent Congress from regulating political free speech into total oblivion.

That government may not mute or muffle the voice of one so as to allow another to be heard has always been a primary principle of the first amendment. Liberty is the end, not equality. Liberty, a substantive value respecting the dignity and autonomy of man, as opposed to equality, a mere measurement or comparison that cannot justify anything without reference to some other value, has always been the core of first amendment jurisprudence. Just as it would be ludicrous to put irons on the athlete born naturally quick in order to foster equality, just as it would be ridiculous to limit the speeches of those born eloquent, it is equally abhorrent when the government attempts to limit the amount of money an individual may spend on communicating his political message such that others with less resources may be heard.

But this is where we are. Money is not speech, said the Supreme Court in McConnell, and therefore it may be regulated. But, as Justice Scalia pointed out, how is saying that money is not speech any different from saying that paper is not speech, and then passing an act that all paper must bear a stamp indicating that tax has been payed? How is saying that money is not speech any different from saying that book binding and publishing is not speech, and then regulating who may and may not bind and publish books? There is no difference.

The idiotic complexity of our campaign finance law, born of the reality that we cannot remove money from politics without stifling political speech entirely but attempting to do just that anyway, is so monstrous that we are at the point where no citizen can truly know if the expenditures he makes to voice his opinion are legal or not. Reference to the law is no help without the aid of a team of expensive attorneys. And so a system of laws so incoherent and dense as to at least temporarily befuddle even the most astute lawyer has become a political tool, a weapon wielded only by those with huge resources, to force the political discourse in the direction the person with the best lawyers and advisers hopes to move it. Aristotle had a name for such a regime: Not democracy, but oligarchy.

An oligarchy of the lawyers and the wealthy, of the Kerrys and the Edwardses, of the sophists. When citizens were free to spend their money on expressing their opinions, to pool it as they see fit in the forms they so desired, we were virtually guaranteed that there would be wealthy contributors on all sides of every issue -- if there were not, perhaps that said something about the argument being made. Thus, a certain natural equality was born of that liberty of political expression. Now, I am hard pressed even to tell my mother whether she may distribute a leaflet to churchgoers mentioning a candidate for federal office with impunity, and to the extent I can, it is only because I am trained in the law already. Now, John Kerry can make wild claims that the President is violating campaign finance laws, and the average citizen has no way of checking the veracity of Kerry’s assertion -- the campaign finance laws might as well be written in ancient Etruscan. And Kerry depends on that forced ignorance of the law to garner support and demonize the President.

The rule of law, that eminent principle which we so cherish because it secures for us our liberty, is undermined when the demos cannot understand the law. Freedom is in name only when the laws that govern us are unknowable to us. When that unknowable law is one governing our political speech, our very system is in jeopardy. We might as well be living under the hand of a dictator that punishes political speech by his will -- the difference between that and being punished for violating a law the average person has no means of understanding is frighteningly small.

We must reverse course, we must not be fooled into thinking that fairness and equality in political speech can justify putting irons on the eloquent and wealthy. If we do not, we may end up fighting for liberty and freedom abroad even as we let it slip away at home.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hot Dish In Minnesota's CD2

Pioneer Press Still Unprofessional In Endorsement Practices
CD2 DFL Candidate of Minnesota Representative, Colin Lee, posted up at MN Progressive Project on his experience of being vetted by the Pioneer Press this week....not a really pretty picture but given the PP's prior history of endorsement...not a surprise that they should still run such an unprofessional endorsement process.

Colin Lee is running in Lakeville Senate District 36A,  advocating for for among other things, campaign reform by not taking special interest monies:
My opponents just released their voluntary campaign finance disclosures. The incumbent in my race accepted no less than $4,100 from lobbyists, PACs, and special interests. I am the only candidate in my race who has sworn to "Take the High Road" by refusing all donations from lobbyists, corporations, and political action committees.
Minnesota has the most lobbyists per capital of any state in the country. My opponent received well over fifty percent of contributions from lobbyists and political action committees in her last election. These abuses of the public interest must end
Colin, a software engineer, has also been crossed endorsed by the Independence Party of Minnesota.

Move along, no surprise here!
CD2 Rep. John Kline is still refusing to debate, even when asked nicely...sigh...
still refusing to take pork (sort of)...
still wanting to give the wealthiest 2% tax breaks (calls it a 'Pledge to America' like we're that stupid!),
still working for special interest money.

BTW, I like what Jon Stewart calls the 'Pledge to America' as it's much more fitting:
"So two years ago America broke up with you, because you had badly mistreated her. ... And you come back rapping on our door, hat in hand, and you say, "Baby, I know you love me. But if we get back together, I pledge to you, I promise you, I will still try to f*ck your sister every chance I get." [Watch the video here]
Stay dry and on the high road to avoid flooding this weekend!

I'd like to dedicate this video to Flying Burrito and Dot Peace (my dogs!):

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Minnesota Archbishop Nienstedt's Gospel Of Hate

Check your mailboxes! The Catholic Bishops are sending you a GOSPEL OF HATE..... The Minnesota Catholic Bishops have launched an aggressive and expensive six week campaign telling Catholics to hate gays, urging them to contact their legislators calling for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, and vote in the November 2 elections for legislators that will support their homophobic hate agenda.

Minnesota Archbishop John Nienstedt, who leads the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, is calling for this a religious right constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. Part of his reasoning (if you call hate reasoning) says a lot about the state of marriage in our culture and has nothing to do with gays:
"...we all know the state of marriage in our society today -- the fact that ... four to five out of every ten marriages ends in divorce, the rate of cohabitation has gone from half a million in 1965 to over 5 million couples today. One out of every three Americans over the age of fifteen has never been married. And there are 19 million children being raised by single parents."
I'm a widow but was married for 36 years to the same guy. Never once was our marriage threaten, harmed, or endangered by gays, gays unions, or same-sex marriages. We even lived in San Francisco for awhile! This isn't about helping marriages but retaining power, old out-dated dogma, and dictate their religious insanity that institutionalizes their prejudices into our government!

Archbishop Nienstedt's hate crusade against homosexuality is religious fanaticism...wouldn't it be nice if he spend as much or more time crusading for women's rights, children's welfare, the poor, hungry and homeless?  In Nienstedt's own words, the rape of children is 'a sin that cries out for forgiveness' rather than a crime that cries out of justice. Nienstedt excused pedophilia in his church by linking it to the sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's which is both inaccurate and irrelevant. His lackadaisical efforts in exposing and covering up this abuse goes a long way in explaining his lack of immoral leadership in calling for anti-gay hate legislation in Minnesota.

The Archbishop is blandly misusing his church position to elect the GOP candidate Emmer who is also homophobic and doesn't support same sex marriage while Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate Mark Dayton and Independence Party candidate Tom Horner support the rights of the GLBT community. This is outrageous from a religious leader and institution exempt from taxes. Where's the separation of Church and State?

It should go without saying that each of us should be allowed to marry whomever we choose. Until the right-wing, religious fanatics like Archbishop Nienstedt stop trying to control everybody else and force his “morals” down the throat of our government, there can be no real freedom. Civil rights can't be "voted away," that is the purpose of the Bill of Rights. He can legislate the Vatican, but he should have no power over our government!

Additionally, at a time when poverty in America is affect one out of seven, the Knights of Columbus are spending MILLIONS fighting same sex marriages. This includes funneling monies through NOM to keep donor names undisclosed. According to Phil Attey, executive director of Catholics for Equality:
“You’ve got this really interesting funnel of tax-free money coming from the Dioceses and the Council of Bishops and the Knights of Columbus directly to these campaigns.  Why are groups like NOM hiding where they’re getting their money? If it turns out to be a front group for the conservative side of the church, Catholics have the right to know because the majority of American Catholics, and we can show you heaps of polls, don’t support that [kind of spending].”

If you receive the 'piece of crap' DVD touting anti-gay hate legislation, mark it 'returned to sender'. Although the cost of sending it back will be nothing compared to what Nienstedt and the Catholic Bishops want the GLBT community to pay by taking away their human rights.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This and That- Emmer, Mark Buesgens, Jannaya LaFrance

Self Serving Emmer in Deed
Say what? Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer is again (sigh) caught stretching the truth regarding his former campaign manager Rep. Mark Buesgens...well it shows a lack of character and inability to be real.

First we have the mis-statement (better know as the self-serving lie) that Minnesota waitresses can pull in 100K a year, then we have the bad math (better know as a self-serving lie) that "only about half the cities in this state get any local government aid" when in fact it's 85%, then we see that Emmer doesn't plan to pay back the $1.4 billion in deferred funding to the school districts (better know as self serving budget), and now the  retro-active, back dating replacement of his manager done conveniently after his DWI...hmm...(very self serving!)

Opportunity Knocks for Jannaya LaFrance!
While I'm sorry for Mark Buesgens troubles and his current inability to cope, many voters probably feel it won't help to put him back into office without a real resolution to his financial and drinking problems (instead of apologizing, Mark's first statement on the DWI was he wasn't going to talk until he talked with his attorney after which he then apologied!). Mark's current misfortunes is good news for  DFLer Jannaya LaFrance, the endorsed Democratic candidate for the seat in SD35B.

Jannaya LaFrance and RT Rybak
Jannaya is young and energetic mother who has been consistently working for the past several months in an area previously thought to be solidly GOP. Given what has happen in the past week, her chances have improved dramatically. Visit her website and give a little to her campaign!
"Jannaya has no problem admitting that she is a political newcomer because she honestly believes government needs more people like her. Regular people representing regular people, keeping everyone’s needs in mind and in heart. Jannaya’s passion is not politics. Her passion is people, and doing whatever it takes to get things done right to benefit her fellow Minnesotans"

Shout Out
Have I mentioned how progressive and hard working State Rep. David Bly (MN-25B) is?

I'ma easily entertained, and a cross over between DC/Marvel and Trekkies makes sense to me! lol

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Setting the Record Straight

Why yes Mr. PZ Myers, UofM Prof, I have soul and  tentacles so I would be uniquely qualified to answer this question....

... the Pope's astronomer says:
Any entity — no matter how many tentacles it has — has a soul.
Guy Consolmagno-

No entity — no matter how many tentacles it has — has a soul
PZ Myers-

I can count tentacles. I can't count souls, and neither can anyone else.
EasyPeazy, I got your tentacles right here. And I've always had soul.... 

Next up: the Chicken or the Egg, myth (El Papa) verses reality (Truthsurfer).

What Color is Your Neighborhood?

Found through GAWKERS, 'How White is your neighborhood'...and was not surprised at how white Minneapolis and St. Paul are especially compared to the other major US cities. Like most of  the top 40 cities in the United States however, the concentrated pockets of colors tell the story.

Photographer Eric Fischer's color-coded maps of racial segregation are captivating, particularly once you find your own neighborhood.

Fisher used a straight forward method borrowed from Rankin: Using U.S. Census data from 2000, he created a map where one dot equals 25 people. The dots are then color-coded based on race: White is pink; Black is blue; Hispanic is orange, and Asian is green. [Mpls, St. Paul  is pictured below.]

When I first saw this I noticed how red Minneapolis/St. Paul were compared to the other major cities posted up...then I found out one red dot represented 25 whites. Most all the cities showed specific pocket groupings for the races.
 It would be interesting to see this with an overlay of: income, real estate prices, and school funding...BTW, I live in a neighborhood with no blacks, one Asian family, and two India families and oh yeah, one Minnesota Governor but he;s not home much since deciding to run for President. The rest is all white, as is most of the southern suburbs.

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Always About The Money

It's now official, during the recent spat of hard times, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer and the middle class is shrinking while joining the ranks of poor and (big inhale) the rich apparently get's what the middle class had...Meanwhile locally....

In Minnesota's Second Congressional District, Rep. John Kline (R-MN) is busy putting his personal agenda of obstruction and word smiting into play while his district suffers from his lack ethical behavior.  Ah don't forget to visit his good friend John Boehner's new website crated by the DNC...notice a pattern here?

It wasn't a surprise when I learned that Rep. Kline's  “no earmark” slogan means that the second district is losing quality infrastructure and jobs. The second district is the poorest district in the state in terms of federal funding, getting less than half the state average back from the money its taxpayers send to Washington through Federal income and gasoline taxes. It also results in lost jobs and businesses that provide jobs due to his unwillingness to provide Federal dollars to build and maintain infrastructure like roads, schools and other projects eligible for Federal funding.

It's almost always about the money, John Kline uses his time and resources to go after lobbyist money for his personal PAC and his campaign but refuses to go after our own Federal tax money for our jobs and our infrastructure...just who is he working for?

Have a great weekend! Stay dry and be safe.

Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil

But if you ask for a rise
It's no surprise that they're
Giving none away


Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Out of Three!

Minnesota's Economy
The Gubernatorial candidates have squared off several times and the state budget always seems to be the number one issue. Each candidate has their own take but here's what I think is significant: Mark Dayton is willing to work with the Legislature to find new revenue and develop a state budget as mandated by the State constitution. The other two candidates (Tom Emmer-R and Tom Horner-I) don't see working with elected officials as being part of the budget plan. In toady's fluid economic times, that one trait, 'being willing to work with MN legislaturers', is probably the most important.

Whatever all three candidates balance today, could be off by tomorrow because of inflation, recession, disasters, and the stock market. But the willingness to adjust by working as a team member with the legislation is pivotal. Our example has been Pawlenty's use of vetoes and unallotment to budget because of his inability to sit down at the table with the legislaturers.

When you think State Budget, think who will be willing to work with others. Tom Emmer's style of leadership is similar if not more radical than Pawlenty. Emmer’s uncompromising style has even alienated House GOP colleagues!

Small Business Sense
The below chart  from Paul Krugman, shows 24 years of data from small business owners on the biggest problem(s) they have to face. The last two years the percentage saying "poor sales" is significantly higher than any other issue/time. Look for the trending to go even historically higher given the poverty rate is 14.3% (highest since 1994). When you don't have money, you can't afford to buy!
"...: if you ask businesses - as opposed to their lobbyists - what their problem is, you find no hint of the stories the usual suspects are telling you about government interference, political uncertainty, etc.. Businesses aren't hiring because of poor sales, period, end of story.... "
The simple truth is: Make the rich pay their fair share and put incentives in place to allow the middle class to spend more. Obama's plan is a win/win. BTW, in case you're wondering if you are poor, here's the official guidelines.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chum for the Sharks

So Americans have put 9-11 behind them? I don't thinks this is the way to do so...I'm just saying that 19 of the 20 terrorist that attacked the United States on 9-11 held Saudi passports...so why in the fricken heck would we be selling them this crap? Most of the schools camps the terrorist attended were funded by Saudi Arabia, and their religious fervor for killing was stroked by Saudi religious leaders. This is still the same.

Big of us to get over it and arm them for another day. It's moments like this that brings to mind my daddy...he was old school southern gentleman that often offered up advise in parables and adages. I can hear him now saying something about not crawling into a bed filled with rattlesnakes and making deals with the devil. Look me up for the "I told you so" rant, shortly.  As again daddy would say America is 'sowing the oats of their own destruction' with Nobel Peace prize winner Obama leading the way!

We're number one! America the Great! WMD!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Freaky Friday's Extended Forecast Calls For More Fricken Media Coverage

Shut up or the bunny dies!
Ever notice how life can be explained by South Park episodes...Seems like every other week I see the connection...this week it's the dust up over  burning the Koran... Just switch South Park School bus driver Ms. Veronica "Muffin" Lee Crabtree out for Florida nutcase cult leader Pastor Terry Jones and instead of the bunny, use the Koran. It all makes sense to me but then I did fully partake in the '60s.  At lease comes the closes to explaining what's going on.

I said quiet sound bite

...BTW this headline:

Pastor Terry Jones' 9/11 Koran burn fuels copycats in U.S., violent protests abroad

is wrong. The media, giving his racist cult a national press platform has spurred the violence abroad. Instead of reporting that Mr. Jones is the exception and totally bat winged, they put him in the national spotlight without showing that he statistically represents no one in the United States.

Hell my conservative neighbor Bob threatens to burn my blog every couple of weeks and the media hasn't covered that...hey wait just a minute...Is that because I'm a Jew? Shut up or I'll kill the dust bunny under my bed! (which I'm really going to do tomorrow)

Hmm..I need to ponder this more...but I'm sure the press will be splashing it over over the world...soon...have a nice weekend...

Thursday, September 09, 2010

An Army of Jims

Wait, I'm so confused, which Jim should I be supporting? What office are they running for? Oh yeah, gone are the days of actually running on your record or the issues. In their place voters now get to decide on which Ad guys they want to believe and support...

The fake Hollywood Jim aka "Jim the election guy," who promises to"sort things out for this upcoming political campaign."  or, the 'real Jims', which started with three, now five, soon to be an army of Jims actually from the sixth district of Minnesota ...

The Fake Jim
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN-06) hired a fake Jim, actor Beau Peregino who studied theater at Towson University in Maryland and lives now in California, for her commercials.

The Real Jims
MN State Senator Tarryl Clark (D) uses real Jims who live right in the sixth district. These Jims aren't as slickly polished as Mr. fake Jim but better represent our State because..gasp, they are from our State! They even give their correct first names...Jim.

Rep. Michele Bachmann's hired California actor Beau (aka Jim) holding actual Minnesota Sixth District voters named Jim supporting Tarryl Clark for Congress
The Decision
So what's it to be...a fake Jim (heck his name isn't Jim, it's Beau!) or an Army of Real Jims that live in the sixth district of Minnesota...seems straight forward enough choice. Even when doing commercials, Bachmann outsourced to a fake Hollywood actor named Beau, Tarryl Clark has the real deals...

"May I have your attention please?

May I have your attention please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
We're gonna have a problem here..
Ha ha

Guess there's a Slim Shady in all of us
Fuck it, let's all stand up "

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tim Pawlenty and My Crazy Uncle Johnny

Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) and my crazy Uncle Johnny have a lot in common. For starters Uncle Johnny is uniquely singlely dysfunctional. It started with the Pearl Harbor attack. He was there, and by all accounts seemed to have conducted himself through the event without getting wounded. But years later it became apparent Uncle Johnny had been deeply wounded. What do you ask does that have to do with Minnesota's Governor Pawlenty? Good question....

Uncle Johnny's wound was in his mind. He couldn't bring himself to forgive the Japanese. Never! So for the rest of his life, Uncle Johnny wouldn't allow anything from Japan in his house. Imagine how difficult life was for his family during the 1960s and 70s with massive Japanese exports coming into the United States. Johnny's family was in a constant state of vigilance keeping anything 'made in Japan' out of the house. There was no reasoning with him on this issue. Unfortunately, it seemed like most new technology like TVs, radios, washing machines, even cars were coming from Japan or had Japanese components.

Get the connection? Governor Pawlenty has also a gapping wound but substitute 'made in Japan' for "Democratic administration of the United States of America". He can't bring himself to accept federal monies from 'the other side'. Sure like Uncle Johnny that will mean giving up some things like health care for the poor and elderly, jobs assisting them, and educational funding, but he's made a decision and by gosh he's sticking to it regardless of the hardship it creates for those around him. It's his principle don't ya know!

BTW, Uncle Johnny's family seemed to always be on edge because it was so hard to live without anything from Japan especially a couple of decades ago. They lived in fear of him finding anything labeled 'made in Japan' because it would set off weeks of abusive behavior from him. The kids left home when they were of age and never went back; Uncle Johnny's wife divorced him a few weeks after the last kid left.

Governor Pawlenty, like Uncle Johnny, took an extreme principle stand.  Pawlenty is not taking any  'Federal dollars'  from a Democratic administration. His stance lacks vision, moderation, and what's in the best interest of Minnesotans. His legacy will be one of unreasonable partisan posturing that only hurts the ones he was elected to office to protect. But like Uncle Johnny, there isn't a chance in hell that common sense reasoning will win over radical dogma. We just hope the family (Minnesotans) will live through it.

Uncle Johnny died in 1989. I believe, but don't know for sure, that the silk lining in his coffin was from Japan...funny how that didn't seem to bother him anymore!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What Do Zombies and Republicans Have In Common?

Is it just me or is the Dove World Outreach Center misnamed. They don't actually give out Dove bars and they fail with world outreach! I'm going to start calling them as I see 'em 'The Haters' seems to apply.
The world has always had haters, but thanks to the Republican party and their sister organization the Tea Party et al, Haters have risen to all new conspiracy theories heights and of course the outcome is a big headed, self entitlement victimlogy that includes bashes like the one Beck threw last weekend and making a small Hater Church like DWOC world news.

But the reason the GOP reach out and support such Haters is they as a party lack substance and now have to work on straight hate...

Don't have an issue or stand for anything? Then just throw out hate, not good with balancing the budget, issue stances, determining policy? No problem! Sow fear, create discord and inflamed hate. Yep, that's the new strategy along with: Oh look a bright shiny object where I see Russia from by front door but hate Muslim Obama Taxes Anything You Say... to distract rather than to resolve. Sigh, Had Enough? Me too.

Truth be known, the world of Republicans has passed. Their economic brought us to the current recession, their environmental failure gave us uncontrollable gushing oil wells and polluted gulfs (what Katrina didn't finish BP will?), their foreign policy continues to give Iraq and Afghanistan almost half our American budget (43%), their members don't believe Obama is a US citizen or Christian, hell they don't believe the earth is round, dinosaurs existed, or global warming (because the bible didn't tell them - amen!)...

So yeah, J.R.R. Tolkien's epic Lord of the Rings  had it right, the time of the elves has passed in middle earth, but now TruthSufer says, the time of the Republicans has passed. It's actually more believable than huge meteor showers unleashed by Satan's war against God.

We're all mad but its voters anger and frustration given persistently high unemployment and a sluggish recovery that didn't start with this administration or it's policies. Republicans like Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal have proudly embraced 'do nothing agenda' of NO.Which brings me to say, Minnesota's Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rep. John Kline have first class tickets out of here...Your time has proven failed, the Mothership has been called, get on board, the time of Republicans is up.