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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

MDE - Official Blog of the Kennedy Campaign

Michael Brodkorb is the fifth highest paid staffer on Mark Kennedy's campaign

Brodkorb confirmed that his pay is actually $4583 monthly. On even a full-time schedule, this would come to more than $25 per hour. This amount is higher than all but four Kennedy campaign members, including, incidentally, Mark Kennedy's own (presumably full-time) campaign press secretary. This is also more than the monthly pay for all but three of DFL senate candidate Amy Klobuchar's staff.

Hmmm, I'd call that official. Why is he hiding this from his readers? Why has he not disclaimed all his ties? Well, a paid hack is a paid hack. MDE should be classified as either Mark Kennedy's Blog or the Official Blog of the MN GOP (
cause he takes money from other candidates too).

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