I grew up reading comic books wanting to be a superhero. Comics taught me that those who speak the truth are heroes, all the rest are liars.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello? I'd Rather Be Robbed Than Murdered!

- Good news! er, sorta... violent crimes like rape and robbery are down in Minneapolis...but not so much murder! And the media is all over this one...sigh..'oh look a bright shiny violent crime down'...let's not talk about murder!

- Odd even for Minnesotans....Who would have thought we'd live to see the words Michelle Bachmann and Intelligence in the same sentence let alone on a House committee. Another sign that the Apocalypse is nearing for Minnesotans. So we seat batshit crazy Bachmann who still can't intellectually understand the cost savings of compact fluorescent light bulbs over conventional bulbs just to prove to the world we still have a sense of humor?...I guess we should be thankful we're off of cooper candle lanterns.

- Move along nothing to see. Remember the non stop coverage of possible voter fraud in Crow County, Minnesota? Well here' s the non-coverage of it's outcome! Another urban voter fraud legend screamed all over the blogs, websites, newspapers and tv...only to die a quiet lonely death. Ssshush, or the truth just may get out!

- Get out of here...no really just leave! If you don't want to follow the constitution regardless if the majority of your good ole boys vote against it...You should not be part of the union and any federal dollars should be sent elsewhere...you know, ah where they actually follow the constitution.

Legislative leaders in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas and Utah, as well as Virginia, who are backing the repeal amendment shouldn't be in office...if they don't believe in the United States...they should be in jail for treason or living somewhere else.

- "The good people are in jail"...Peace Now... Several Minnesotans were among those jailed this weekend demonstrating with Vets for Peace on the White House lawn...how much longer will this illegal war be allowed to go on?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Cup of Racism in the Morning

Usually I don't listen to radio during my morning commute but my disc player wasn't working so I had a new experience...I'd liken it to smelling the aroma a skunk leaves for the first time...unique not very pleasant, downright foul and somewhat painful. Yes, it was just that bad.

What I'm talking about is listening for about ten minutes on the ride into work to KQRS in the morning...After ten minutes I would have bet my last dollar the KKK runs the morning show or at least a closely veiled group with similar views, but surprise, it's owned by Walt Disney Corporation.

The radio announcers commented on the latest census data showing Minnesota has a large and growing Somali population (true) but then went on to peppered comments like "it's because Minnesota offers the best welfare" but if that was true why is Minnesota ranked 17th ? And assorted other comments regarding the typical jackboot comments against minorities like...a lack of work ethics, being Muslim, having terrorist supporters and if the census data say it, then it's double the number of 'them' in Minnesota...it was like a coffee clatch of Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Michael Richards. They presented it as acceptable 'down home' racism...

On and redneck lie on the show went on...but the gist couldn't be missed... THEY ARE OPENLY SUPPORTING RACIST behavior and stereotyping of a entire group of people and promoting it via radio...

When I went to google them, it was no surprise at the numbers of complaints, or the various groups that they have attacked under the guise of 'entertainment'. In lieu of the type of morning show they run, I'd like to make a couple of recommendations to really improve KQRS format:

  • Change the call numbers from KQRS to KKKs, that way we all know what to expect and move them to 66.6 on the radio.

  • Hold KQRS accountable for anyone that has ever listen to them and then commits a 'hate crime' of any kind. I'm sure they believe strongly in accountability!

  • Talk about the immense welfare state for the wealthy. The wealth of Minnesota millionaires has doubled under the Pawlenty administration, as their state and local tax rates have decreased by 4 percent but our taxes has gone up...

  • Require that talking heads of any type be able to provide the 'facts' not just blow smoke up our arses to support their views or allow equal time for those that do, and fine them if they don't or others prove they are blowing smoke!

  • Just as TV must label itself every 15minutes as being for a mature audience, have KQRS label itself every 15 minutes as being a mature and racist radio program.

  • KQRS is owned by the Walt Disney Corporation, so have Mickey as the hate DJ...let's really show the young the Disney Corp. world view they are supporting.

Do they have a right to freedom of speech even if that speech is intolerant, ignorant, and inflammatory? Sure, I guess so, I can always turn them off, but like all shock jocks, when they openly pander to the hate crowded, they should take some responsibility and accountability by sharing in the costs to society and individuals by hate crimes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dining on Minnesota Politics

Seems like I live on a diet of politics...maybe I need to adjust this for my New Year resolution, but during this holiday season there seems to be more than enough baked goods to go around.

The dynamic duo of DFLers Ken Martin and Marge Hoffa are running for Chair/Associate Chair of the DFL. Will they pull it? Possibly. I actually haven't heard of anyone else running against them, and certainly many of the bread and butter DFLers are lined up behind them given their extensive time and experience in the party. Do I support them? Possibly. Think I'll wait and see if anyone else throws their champagne glass down...I was really hoping Howard Dean would move here but I guess I need to put that fantasy away.

Minnesotan Norm Coleman would like a turn at the RNC buffet, but was politely waiting for Michael Steele to finish up and step away...unfortunately... Steele surprised most by announcing he's seeking a second term as Chair of the RNC...apparently, the fried chicken and potato salad is too good to pass up a second helping...

Coleman, feeling the bangs of hunger, changed his mind again (something Minnesotans have grown accustom to Norm repeatedly doing if it's self serving), and is still considering a run for RNC Chair. Other than lutefish, not sure Norm brings much of anything else to the table.

I like a small sample of a rich dessert, but instead will offer up a big sample of a sour lemon cream pie in the face...Out of a field of GOP failures, Bachman leads in the polling to run against Senator Amy Klobuchar (D). Even MN. Governor Tim Pawlenty is left with flour smeared on his face...this is just so bittersweet...probably not the best way to end a meal...

I will be blogging infrequently (about once a week) during the holiday season while I dine on butter cookies, chocolates, russian tea cakes and variously other holiday treats...It's not that I don't have a lot to say, but my fingers get too sticky to type during this time of year...be of good cheer around your soulful xmas tree!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

This Is Friday's Rant

Hmm...I see that several local blogs are turning the 'great eye sauron' on to Brian Melendez and his future (or not) as the DFL Chair. Overall Brian has performed well during his tenure. He took the DFL from a basically 'oshucks non-communication folksy good boy operation' and moved it up into this century. Under his tutelage the DFL is more open and wired (website and calendar with lower DFL units linkage). He installed a communication department and continues maintaining the bones of the DFL through fundraising and making tweets and changes that have organized and improved operations. Simply stated, Brian Melendez was the right person to lead...at that time.

Are there complaints, sure... things can always be improved, but given where the DFL was when Brian started, he's made a real impact during his time in office...

The question everyone is asking, Is he the right person now? I've heard (as has others) that Brian won't run again which eliminates the need for the question. But we all know how very grueling and tiring anyone in leadership can be coming out of campaign season. Factor in the recount, and this becomes doubly so. A quick decision made coming out of this can always be changed...but for the sake of brevity, lets say Brian isn't running...

There are plenty of rumours as to who is...and some I see as strong candidates while others I don't view as being viable...but I wouldn't want to start posting on what isn't confirmed yet...waste of my time and yours...however I would be remiss if I didn't point out that while money/fundraising is an important factor, one rich donor doesn't equate, nor should it, into what's best for the DFL or who should be the DFL Chair...we're a big tent with plenty of ideology of which fundraising is just one important area!

DFLers are diverse, but we all have the community at heart. I've no doubt that whoever is elected the 2011 Chair, they will want to continue to expanding the role of the DFL as Brian has in supporting communities, help those less fortunate, advocate for civil rights and play a major role in Minnesota state policy. That is what brings us all together.

I'm shortening my week until we're through the holidays, so today is my Friday..cya next week...

Say What?!

I hear Obama called me...'sanctimonious'...je? Well, I've had enough, call the attorneys, where's that taxi, I'm going to my mothers....wait, you want me to compromise again?...no, I can't do it, no more chances, I'm through, I'm leaving now...where's my jacket?

I have a firm policy of not dealing with hostage takers and a long memory to go along with the history of what happens when you do...so make your unreasonable, unjustifiable, unbelieveably bad deal Mr. Obama, but don't look for me to stand by your side...the honeymoon is over...

"With the pain in my chest, I still wish you the best, but forget you"...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Fat Lady Sings For A Better Minnesota!

It's official, the Honorable Mark Dayton is Minnesota's new Governor by roughly 9000 votes. Mark will assume office January 3, with the Legislature to convene the next day. Dayton will be also be facing a GOP Legislature and a $6.2 billion Minnesota State budget deficit.

Dayton's win also means Democrats will have a seat at the table when it comes to redrawing the state's congressional and legislative districts. Mark Dayton really cares about families, communities and doing good. I am a bit surprise that Mark's opponent, Tom Emmer. decided not to pursue a frivolous losing election battle. I underestimated his ability to do the expedient and correct thing for Minnesotans.

So a Republican majority in both the Minnesota House and Senate, a new elected MN DFL Governor, 18 disconnected GOPers, a 6.2 billion dollar deficit and redistricting...Should be an interesting time...stay tuned and make a toast tonight to our newly elected MN Governor Mark Dayton!

Tax Breaks Won't Stop The Boat From Sinking!

What good is government when it can't provide for those in need without paying a tariff to the wealthy? Wasn't that one of the reasons our country was founded?...to avoid this kind of crap!

"So this notion that somehow we are willing to compromise too much reminds me of the debate that we had during health care. This is the public option debate all over again… People will have the satisfaction of having a purist position and no victories for the American people. "

President Obama,

This isn't about compromise or purist positions or even victories. Maintaining the status quo of the last 8 years is not providing for the under employed, and it sure as hell isn't resolving any of our problems...Where's the job creation, the training or the economic stimulus? All I see is more of the same...and the massive 'piling on' of debt to enrich the few.

Two years from now, under your 'compromise', the rich will have more, while the majority of Americans slip further into the sea of poverty...This is not a win, or a compromise, or acceptable. This is what spurs revolutions. Promises and deal making of 'more of the same' is not a solution, acceptable, moral, ethical or the least bit understandable by the majority of Americans left with the fall out of debt.

Continuing to allow the wealthiest 3% of Americans to benefit, while offering an additional 900 billion to the deficit for the majority of us... is like drowning at sea... next to the luxury liner...who's rich owners are waving and taking our pictures. The boat America is sinking. Stop toasting champagne with the rich folks long enough to actually throw the rest of us a life line...or we will all be swimming in the deep end 2 years from now.
Sincerely pissed off- The TruthSurfer

People movin' out
People movin' in
Why, because of the color of their skin
Run, run, run, but you sho' can't hide
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Vote for me, and I'll set you free
Rap on brother, rap on
Well, the only person talkin'
'Bout love thy brother is the preacher
And it seems,
Nobody is interested in learnin'
But the teacher
Segregation, determination, demonstration,
Integration, aggravation,
Humiliation, obligation to our nation
Ball of Confusion
That's what the world is today

The sale of pills are at an all time high
Young folks walk around with
Their heads in the sky
Cities aflame in the summer time
And, the beat goes on

Air pollution, revolution, gun control,
Sound of soul
Shootin' rockets to the moon
Kids growin' up too soon
Politicians say more taxes will
Solve everything
And the band played on
So round 'n' round 'n' round we go
Where the world's headed, nobody knows
Just a Ball of Confusion
Oh yea, that's what the wold is today

Fear in the air, tension everywhere
Unemployment rising fast,
The Beatles' new record's a gas
And the only safe place to live is
On an indian reservation
And the band played on
Eve of destruction, tax deduction
City inspectors, bill collectors
Mod clothes in demand,
Population out of hand
Suicide, too many bills, hippies movin'
To the hills
People all over the world, are shoutin'
End the war
And the band played on.

Monday, December 06, 2010

A Special Letter from John Kline: This Holiday Season Save The Wealthy!

An urgent special message from Minnesota Rep. John Kline (R-02)

Dear Friends-

As you probably should know by now, I am deeply concerned that "the Washington culture of taxing, borrowing and spending is doing nothing to stem the tide of lost jobs and economic uncertainty." But I am convinced that if we continue tax breaks for our millionaire and billionaire Americans, this culture can be broken.

Sure, Minnesota is in a mess, which is why you put your faith in me this past election. You realize, that after my years in Washington, if there is one thing your old buddy John Kline knows, it's how to recognize a mess when I make see one.

Now I know what you're thinking, I've been in office for a decade and still the deficit keeps getting bigger, the gap between the middle class and the wealthy looms larger than ever and after four my terms in office, things aren't improving, they are getting much worse, but this time in office much like the last four I really think helping out the wealthy among us is necessary and vital to not just economic health but also homeland security.

This alarming situation where the wealthy 2 percent of Americans might be forced to pay their any fair share demands my immediate and full attention. Forget that Lockheed Martin is closing it's Eagan plant, that a forth of my constituents don't have health care, and that unemployment benefits are running out of 2.5 million Americans, saving the wealthy must take precedence over everything else. The aid desperate plight of Minnesota's millionaires demands my full attention.

Yes, I know I said 'we can't fund everything' and that there are people who are jobless and can't even give their kids one Christmas present this year let alone take them to the doctor when they get sick, but that's President Obama's fault, after all he's been in office a fourth of the length of time I've been in office!

And yes, I understand that the last 18 years have shown us that in fact, the wealthier 2 percent of Americans don't use their wealth to 'trickle down' and give us jobs, but by saving them, I help myself , I help you!

Don't concern yourselves with the poorer fools souls, especially since I've already promised to give all of our tax money to Minnesota's wealthiest. We must save the wealthy! I can always take care of feeding the poor or putting on another job fair for the homeless unemployed later...

We must take care of our millionaires first. Won't you please help me help them? A $700 million increase to the deficit is a small price for you and your children and children's children to pay for saving more wealth for the wealthiest among us.

Have a happy joyous holiday season knowing you can make a difference in increasing the gross income of the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans through deficit spending! I know it makes me laugh sleep better at night.

Friday, December 03, 2010

More GOP Much Ado About Nothing

In Shakespeare's play 'In Much Ado About Nothing', there are many examples of deception and self-deception. The games and tricks played on people often have the best intentions—to make people fall in love, to help someone get what they want, or to make someone realise their mistake. In our case, the GOP's take on the recount is an example of this deception and self delusion but for not the best of intentions...

The Fact: If every single Emmer challenge (both deemed legitimate and frivolous) were accepted, Dayton would still lead by over 5,000 votes.

Instead of accepting the lost, Tom Emmer and the GOP will drag this out costing (gasp!) government workers time and (gasp again!) at tax payer expense. Yeah I know, they ran on shrinking government, getting government out of our business, not filing frivolous lawsuits, or spending taxpayers money for stupid things but...yeah...well ya know. with .0008 percent MN voter fraud in 2008, this is important to every man, women and child...blab, blab, blab...!

What the GOP gets is rewarded for drawing out this losing battle by Pawlenty staying in office to sign off on legislation that otherwise would get veto...like the expanding government and costs legislation of every voter must produce a state ID, or marriage is one man and one women!

In the end of the play, the couples find true happiness, but taxpayers in Minnesota will just find empty wallets paying for more 'much ado about nothing' government involvement into our personal lives and already competent voter system... welcome to the new 'slash your services while we tax and spend' party of GOP.
Have a nice weekend, stay safe and warm!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The New MN Reps. Taxing and Spending and Growing Goverment Already?

The party of small government and no taxes in Minnesota are preparing to grow the role of government and do so at taxpayer expense...yes once again, those GOP candidates that got elected by promising to stop out-of-control government spending is working behind the scenes do do just that...

MN Voters Alliance has put out an email saying they are working closely with board member and former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer to introduce a bill mandating a statewide photo ID as a first priority.

"...If Governor Pawlenty is still in office in January, he would undoubtedly sign it. If Dayton wins and is seated sooner rather than later, we are already preparing a campaign to urge him to sign the bill, including our PHOTO ID petition in St. Paul which we have nearly 3,000 signatures."
The question to ask is: Will our newly elected GOP allow an outer space, right wing, moon bat group that alleges widespread voter fraud but can't prove it because they pull them out of their paranoid tin foil hats, increase both taypayers costs and time while growing government bureaucracy? Well will they?

Never mind the facts...that voter fraud in Minnesota is virtually non-existent. That in 2008 only 26 people out of the entire state were convicted of voter fraud. And most of those cases would not have been prevented with a state ID...hardly worth the government involvement or cost to taxpayers...from the Minnesota County Attorneys Association...

"The report found that only 26 people had been convicted of voter fraud in the 2008 election (because the statute of limitations on voter fraud is two years, that number is not likely to change). That comes to 0.00089 percent of votes cast in 2008."

So by all means, throw taxpayer money away because a group of morons make statements that aren't based in fact...and let's grow government even larger to placate these idiots...because there will be another election in two years and there will be accountability......go ahead, you either support small government and less taxes, or you don't...time to put up or shut up. Taxing. spending and growing government over a non-issue will define you next election.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day: T Minus One

Thankfully, I'll be taking the next few days off to eat turkey and sit mindlessly in front of the big screen TV if not actually sleeping..my life is great and I've got at least 8770 reasons to say so!

I can't blame the turkey for causing the drowsiness associated with eating a large Thanksgiving meal. Studies show it's the large, carbohydrate rich meal rather than just the turkey that releases tryptophans in the brain causing drowsiness after eating...

About that turkey...I got a fresh, locally grown, organic turkey...did you know Minnesota raises more turkeys than any other state?...An estimated 45 million turkeys will be eaten tomorrow (or 675 million pounds of turkey!) and most of them came from Minnesota.

Starting with Harry Truman in 1947, the National Turkey Federation has presented the U.S. President with a live turkey in celebration of Thanksgiving. Each year, the live turkey is “pardoned” by the president and most recently has been flown to Disney world to serve as the grand marshal of the Disney world Thanksgiving Day Parade. Although I hear the 'pardoned cranberry' (turkey) may run for office in two years!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, If you're leaving town, travel safe, enjoy your full body scan and/or pat down...Happy Thanksgiving! Eat, Smile, Be Happy...

Obama Outlines Moral, Philosophical Justifications For Turkey Pardon

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Can Have This, or You Can Have That!

Tom Emmer's Recount Petition...denied by Minnesota Supreme Court. Recount on...

Alisha and Pete Arnold (BirthOrNot.com...aka right-wing internet troll Zeeboid. )...Fake. But even that misses the point that Pro-Choice is just that...having a choice about your own reproduction and not having a poll or ? decide for you.

Governor Tim Pawlenty fails even when judged by the 'google idiot index'. Number of Google-Indexed Web Pages featuring the phrase “[GOP Contender Name] is an Idiot”

Although I would have bet my last dollar Pawlenty was called an idiot more often than not...hmmm..who knew! Sarah Palin is the queen of idiots and Ron Paul their king...no surprise there:

  • Haley Barbour: 23,700
  • Jim DeMint: 11,600
  • Newt Gingrich: 13,300
  • Mike Huckabee: 7,230
  • Sarah Palin: 60,500
  • Ron Paul: 70,500
  • Tim Pawlenty: 9
  • Mitt Romney: 8,300

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holy Bat Signal- Eagan,MN Is In Trouble!

Tip O'Neill—a longtime Speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress—once declared, "All politics is local." He was explaining how the problems and concerns of towns and cities around the country affect the actions of their representatives and senators in Washington, D.C.

If that still holds true, then look for Minnesota's City of Eagan to play a major role in the upcoming legislative session not because of who they elected, but because of several major announcements this week of...

  • Thomson Reuter cutting 60 jobs this month in addition to the 130 workers from Eagan and Rochester, NY to accept buyouts announced in September (they eliminated 120 last December).
  • Lockheed Martin is closing its sprawling Eagan facility by 2013. That will cost over 1,000 jobs.
Both companies say they are restructuring..blab, blab, budget, blab, blab, competitive edge...but the message boards say they are both transferring work overseas and out-sourcing many tasks once performed within the company. Like other companies that have sent jobs away (overseas or not), this is a major blow to the local economy of Eagan.

Eagan is in trouble and needs help. With the announcement today showing unemployment rose last month to 7.1 percent, the future doesn't look promising for those looking for work especially in Eagan. More people who had given up looking for work are now back in the job market, but construction and manufacturing are still down.

With the three republican newbies for legislative representations (Diane Anderson, 38A, Doug Wardlow, 38B, and Ted Daley, SD38), don't look for any immediate action to stem the job loss bleeding. Doug Wardlow ran on job creation, so now that the fat is in the frying pan, let's see what he does.

For starters they might ask that Governor Pawlenty, who resides in Eagan, to be a little more hands on in trying to negotiate with Lockheed Martin besides just letter writing. Governor Tim Pawlenty pledged his support in a letter to the CEO. The Governor said he’ll encourage significant and innovative incentives to keep the plant in Eagan. State leaders believe they still have time to fight. However gauging from Tim Pawlenty's total lack of progress in the last several years with the soon-to-be-closed Ford plant in St. Paul, don't hold on too tightly to any hope.
Driving through Eagan is depressing these days due to the sheer number of foreclosures. Property went up 2.8 percent this year. The city says most of that increase is to cover all of the foreclosed homes that likely won't bring in any taxes. I suppose we will see the number of foreclosures and property taxes raise even more in the next two years as Lockheed Martin closes their campus. It's time to send for some super hero help.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TPaw 2B The Next US President?

A Gallup Poll released earlier this week showed support for Republican presidential hopefuls. In it, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is tied for sixth with 4 percent. That's an improvement from June when he was tied at 2% with 'none of the above'!

Currently the four clear front-runners are : Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich. Each has 80% name recognition among Republicans, and they are about 10 points ahead of any other candidates in trial heats and polling that have tested various combinations of the candidates against one another.

In general terms, Pawlenty lacks a strong national profile but could emerge as competitive candidate if he can gather support away from the front runner Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney who is at 19 %.

Currently Tim Pawlenty is seen as being fourth in terms of the political futures market InTrade, the current “power ranking” according to the National Journal’s Hot Line which uses the average standing in five recent polls of prospective Republican primary voters and favourably ratings among Republican adults according to the recent A.P.-G.f.K. survey.

However, given that a vast majority of Minnesotans would probably not vote for Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty for president even if he won the 2012 presidential primary, Timmy has a steep if not impossible incline to climb if he wants to be the next US President.

Pawlenty belongs to a Baptist General Conference Church, the Evangelical Christian Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie. Perhaps they will do commercials much like the Mormons do in bolstering understanding of his religion? Will it be enough?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lunch with Timmy

Governor Pawlenty had an emergency lunch on Friday...How do I know? Well his car was parked in the 'Do Not Park' zone for 'handicap' parking - van access- all during his lunch at Kyoto's in Eagan.

There was 'pawlenty of open parking' but apparently, the governor likes to keep his driver close...I'm guess in case of emergencies...although two spaces down was an open 'legal' parking space. hmmm... Wonder is that's just another government office perk?

Timmy sat with another suit, at a window table. I didn't see who picked up the tab for the 'business lunch' that spanned over an hour. Must be nice being king.

Note to Pawlenty: The Minnesota's Driver's Manual can be downloaded online and at no charge. To obstruct handicap parking spaces is to break the law. In Minnesota to be eligible for handicap parking you must meet one of the following eligibility (note that governor is not considered a handicap): To be eligible for a disability parking certificate the applicant must meet one or more described definition(s) of a "physically disabled person". Determination of eligibility is based on the physician or chiropractor's signature, ah, but surely the Minnesota Governor knows that?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get Your Game On - The Minnesota Recount

It's the post election season in Minnesota. Ah, smell the recount in the air!

Given the current lead of Democratic candidate Mark Dayton, a Minnesota Democratic Governorship is a done deal...but hold up...there's more at stake than the actual position. Look for more GOP foot dragging, delaying, and pretending to want 'every vote to count'. This isn't about winning anymore but more about using the situation to further GOP ideology and push through legislation.

While the recount continues, Tim Pawlenty keeps his role as Minnesota's Governor. With a Republican MN house and senate, partisan GOP legislation can easily pass without the worry of a Democratic Governor Mark Dayton veto.

With it virtually statistically impossible for Emmer to win with the current vote gap, the recount and any challenge to it is more about furthering a GOP agenda by passing partisan legislation.

Incoming state House Speaker-designate Kurt Zellers (R) issued a statement on Monday saying that the GOP would not take unfair advantage of the situation, however according to the Star Tribune, an anonymous top-level GOP official said:
"I don't think there's any downside to keeping this recount going on as long as possible, If we keep the process going, there are opportunities for us in the upcoming legislative session."
Typically, the Republicans are saying one thing to the media and public while plotting in private. GOP chairman Tony Sutton said on Wednesday that his party has no intention of taking up a lost cause, saying it would pursue only a "credible" court challenge if needed. Yet, Dayton's lead appears to be hold at the upper limit of the margin that would trigger any other recount making it statistically impossible for a GOP legal challenge to change the outcome. Which begs to question, why the GOP would want to delay the inevitable unless it's about passing their personal partisan agenda?

However, as every Minnesota House and Senate member is up for re-election in two years, any hijacking of the election to fulfill partisan needs would be seen as a betrayal of Minnesotan voters and could backfire when they go to the polls again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Train Spotting in Minnesota

All Aboard!
If u don't eat ur meat u kant have the figgy pudding if you don't...er...It's simple, build the high speed trains or give back the money...Apparently Wisconsin wants to keep their federal high speed train money not to have trains but to repair roads...the feds say no, can't be done....

"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which allocated an initial $8 billion for a high-speed rail program, doesn't allow the money to be spend for other purposes, said Ross Capon, executive director of the National Association of Railroad Passengers."
As Minnesota has a joint study with Wisconsin on plans for a fast train that would connect the Twin Cities with Madison, this could be an issue. For now Minnesota officials are going ahead with their plans but may run out of steam and chug to a stop shortly!

Getting Off Track
The race for the chairmanship of House Republican conference–a match between Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, is heating up. While Michelle Bachmann has the support of Minnesotans Reps. John Kline, Erik Paulsen and Chip Cravaack, apparently the more mainstreamed, established and well-known conservatives are not backing 'batcrap' Bachmann in lieu of their support for Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling. Even the odd Teabagger seems to be supporting Hensarling.

Bachmann said that win or lose she wants to form a new group in Congress focused on adhering to principles in the Constitution. "It's important that we continue to learn more about the document we pledge to uphold,"

Personally, I think it's a good thing that Bachmann wants to study the American Constitution, it's about time she figures out the power given to take the census! Although if she's what passes for an expert on the Constitution, OMG help us, we are doomed!

The Freight Train Just Rolled Through Town
Okay Obama, time to face reality and find your ballz...in 2008 it was acceptable to try and work with the opposition party, your conciliatory message evoked earlier kinder and gentler times, you know... when American dogs and cats could play together...but by now even you have to realize being continually kicked in the teeth doesn't accomplish squat.

Man up, knock off the kumbaya crap and start taking names. Hell I'll send you the baseball bat...If you aren't capable of being the bulldog call me..but 'git er done' or get ready to face some mean looking folks carrying torches and pitchforks. It's just common sense to stop repeating message failure or did you end up with turnip brains from trying to reach out to mean monkeys? Quit pandering to the 1 percenters and the Corporatocracy and start working for the people who elected you in the first fuck sake! Don't ignore the freight train that just moved through town... it will return on schedule.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Emmer Holds News Conference To Blame The Media

Minnesota's biggest loser Tom Emmer said at his news conference today... 'it taint over till the fat voter sings'...er or something like that....sigh, remember when news conferences actually had news facts instead of innuendo, lies, and misinformation.

In the Franken/Coleman recount, after going over each ballot by hand and through 3 courts, the fraudulent votes came to .00006 percent! BTW Jay Weiner has a nice reply to Michael Thielen's post regarding it's inaccurate information on the Minnesota recount...what is it with outsiders wanting to paint a total public, legal, and transparent recount system in Minnesota as a conspiracy when 'their' horse in the race comes up lame?

In addition, if you work with numbers, while not entirely impossible, Emmer would have a better chance buying a lotto ticket for his next big windfall than waiting for 40 times more changed votes than the 2008 recount. Even Coleman's attorney says the fat voter sang for Dayton!

My favorite moment is when Emmer blamed the media for his lost in a Republican year... "Poor reporting; I think that was it."

Yeah that's the ticket, be a stand up official and blame others (Emmer excuse generator)...who did vote for this clown? Ah must have been all those millionaire waitresses. But they will drag this out until the bitter end, how else can they keep a GOP ex-governor in place while they enact their agenda. Is this the intent of the voters? I don't think so.

Friday, November 05, 2010

I'm Coping, Sort Of...

Sorry for not blogging this last week...I was in a deep sleep and having the worse nightmare ever where the Democrats got routed by teabaggers...er...nevermind...

So we lost the MN House and Senate...not good. Dayton, when he's confirmed a year or so from now, will be are only line of defense (probably not how he envisioned doing his job!)...

Unfortunately Governor Timmy and et al GOP will have passed a hell of a lot of hurt by then including...look for no money for true sex education, only the fake abstinence scam, no money for anyone poor, but more tax cuts for wealthy, and some kind of marriage bill stating the usual swill of one man and one women (it's worked so well so far)...sigh...Maybe I should go back to bed as it looks to be a long two years...

I see on the national scene, women got handed their walking papers...we actually lost representation...sigh

It's ugly...and I need a few more days to try and cope with this reality:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reiterated on Thursday that the president will be open to extending the upper-end Bush tax cuts for one or two years as part of a broader compromise with Republicans.

It's like I fell down the rabbit hole...hopefully this has a happy ending but I don't know...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

They Mostly Come Out At Night....Mostly...

To use the word 'Integrity' and 'Minnesota Majority' in the same sentence is something of a paradox. This group might find a few voter issues but to characterize it as being widespread or pervasive in Minnesota is a joke. It's like using a stick of dynamite to blow up one pesty house fly..

This very small problem (estimates are less than half a percent statewide!) has creased to be voter fraud but instead is now their over the top thuggery reaction. To use their own emailed words ...
"This is just another example of "government [teabagger wingbat ahole brown shirts Minnesota Majority] gone wild" with exercising authority not granted to it by our laws or the Constitution".
Don't confuse their over reactions with CIVIL disobedience! Their interfering intimidation, and gestapo like tactics with the American elections process is meant to cause voter suppression which harms us all.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The MN Star Tribune: Where Zombies Fear To Roam

I've blogged recently about how zombies apparently ate the brains of the Pioneer Press editorial staff - but I might have been a wee bit too hasty in my rush to judgement. Instead, it appears the Pioneer Press editorial staff brains were in fact given to the Star Tribune editorial Staff...at least in so far as the Star's endorsement of Rep. Mike Obermueller in 38B:

"Like his father, the 32-year-old Wardlow is bright and personable. He also is among the most doctrinaire conservative candidates we met this year. The more moderate 37-year-old Obermueller gets our nod.

Obermueller, a farm-raised, Iowa-educated commercial litigator, isn't a show horse at the Capitol. But he works hard. He made his specialty the important but obscure House Bioscience and Workforce Development Committee, which strives to assure bioscience entrepreneurs that Minnesota can supply the educated workforce they'll need to thrive.

A fiscal moderate, Obermueller is in no hurry to raise taxes. But he will be a firm voice for a lasting fix for the state budget in 2011, rather than another round of temporary measures. That's the right resolve."

I'm still at a lost as to why the Pioneer Press newspaper didn't make the same rational endorsement decision but hey, that's 'zombies under the bridge' for now... especially since I decided to stop feeding the Pioneer Press's tolls/zombies/weak editorial staff by canceling my subscription. (Truth be told, I did this a couple of years ago when it was apparent that the Press endorsement process was a poorly run sham that relied on mistaken information from a part time staffer and GOP blogger!)

The Minnesota Star Tribune also endorsed Mick McGuire's candidacy for the Minnesota House in 25A (also in CD2).

"As mayor, McGuire knows first-hand how to creatively cut spending to preserve basic services. He also knows that for cities like his, core services are now unavoidably on the chopping block if state aid cuts continue. State government could use that kind of knowledge."

It's nice to know one of Minnesota's newspapers is worthy of more than just starting the morning fire:-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

School Age Bullies

Remember the good ole days when Mom sent you off to face the bullies at school , but you had to find your own weapons?

"This emergency is one of our own creation; we can respond," Sen. Scott Dibble said today. "We can change this. We can take those affirmative steps so that every kid who goes to school knows that they are valued, that they'll be safe, that they're loved, that they're going to get an equal shot at a good start in life."

We've all been through it, but that doesn't make it right...School need to look at their culture to make sure any bullying is appropriately address including gender based bashing. Here's a couple of articles regarding the legislation in Minnesota regarding bullying... MPR, The Minnesota Independent

Did I mention I had to walk ten miles, in the snow, no shoes, at night, with a broken leg, carrying my own books to school...no? Funny how time tends to shade the past...whatever, wish I had the kid to walk with...gives a whole new meaning to bullying...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mummurs on Monday

If Virginia Calls, hang up
Creepy doesn’t begin to cover how I feel about Justice Clarence Thomas.

"He was always actively watching the women he worked with to see if they could be potential partners," McEwen said matter-of-factly. "It was a hobby of his."
Which goes a ways to explaining his wife Virginia Thomas’ total break with reality in demanding one of his victims apology...

Why the Pope Hates Gays and Women
Inbreeding...It’s a story choked filled with ‘back room’ doings, intrigue, sabotage, condemnation, and much evil. From this story emerged two Americans that now go on to be named the newest cardinals. Seems like the road to a ‘red hat’ includes both ‘gay bashing’ and ‘women hating’…sigh, and this group will be ‘giving birth’ to a new pope. G*d save us all. Amen.

What Name is Your Reservation Under Sir?
MN GOP Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer was left with what many of us face on a Friday night, no reservation due to lack of planning…Just as well, I don’t think crow was on the menu.

Take One 4 The Team
OK, I like sports, but not this much! In this day and age, this is too much. I'm outraged enough to go get the baseball bat...screw the legal system...

Don’t Try This On Superman
A revolutionary superglue dubbed Kryptonite can improve the recovery of heart patients recovering from open-chest surgery, however, be forewarned....it will hurt Superman.

Go Ahead, Make My Day
Sure it’s it’s whacked and wild and likely to not happen…but…we all have our dreams

Friday, October 22, 2010

Freaky Friday In Minnesota's Governors Race

Is it just me, or does it seem like Halloween came early..with the Minnesota Tag Team Endorsement from Hell....

First Mike Ciresi, then Jessee 'the body' Ventura...wow just two more reasons not to support Horner!
We've seen MN Gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner peak...it's all down hill for Horner from here. Although to be honest, it wasn't much of a hill. I'm just waiting now for the 'nail in the coffin' endorsement from Ole Savior.

Well, He's right only I'm not 300 #s, a guy and don't have a beard...but close enough...
Let's eat the pizza with grandma...er..I guess I'm the grandma...sorry kids and grandkids. Have a great weekend...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yipes! Zombies Sucked MN Pioneer Press Brains!

Say What? The Minnesota Pioneer Press endorsed Doug Wardlow for having a 'slight advantage' over the outstanding DFL candidate Rep. Mike Obermueller (MN-38B)? Say it isn't true!
...Folks this was a no brainer...

Mike Obermueller has both the experiences and personality that makes him not a good Minnesota Representative, but a GREAT Representative for the local district. The reason the PP stated giving the endorsement to the far right Wardlow was....wait for it...."international trade issues in Washington"....Hmm, so if you want to be a MINNESOTA Rep, all you need is 'international trade' experience?

That's quite the reach compared with Mike's stellar record actually doing the job the last two years, his ability to compromise and reach across both party and ideology lines, his work integrity, and he's lived in the district instead of recently 'coming home' like Wardlow Jr....yep...'international trade' experience slight edge my ghoul ass!

This is why the paper's readership has steadily declined: They lack the ability to 'grow a pair' when it comes to bucking any far right ideology. Even the weakly thin reason cited fails to resonate within the local district. Local voters don't give a rats tail about international trade, they care about the ability to do the job as necessary, something Mike Obermueller has shown time and again along with being consistent, fair, practical, open and ethical.

The MN Pioneer Press endorsement of the far right ideologist in Wardlow Jr. that blogs that same ideology while working in a non-partisan position as a law clerk (doesn't say much for Doug Wardlow morals or his ability to be non-partisan even during working hours!) is both a shame and a sham.

Doug Wardlow is a tea bagger who will cut all services for cutting taxes for the wealthy and deregulated government to the point of drowning it in a bathtub with no drivable streets or funded schools...sound familiar, it should, we lived under that ideology with Tim Pawlenty for the last four years...(bwt this is in fact Pawlenty's Senate District!).

Readership is down at the Pioneer Press, and given this failed endorsement...so is their credibility...They are one of the top ten newspapers expected to fail as they are heavily leveraged, with loans from Hearst, Gannett and even Bill Gates, and short on cash. And while they filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009, they are just sinking deeper in debt. Part of their struggle is based on making a whole series of mismanaged wrong choices including endorsement of Doug Wardlow this weekend..er...unless there really are brain eating zombies loose in their office...just saying...

Monday, October 18, 2010

All You Need To Know

In Minnesota at the state level there is the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, and Attorney General. Although elected, each needs to work in a non-partisan ways toward improving Minnesota for all the citizens. The DFL elected officials and candidates within this group are each outstanding with proven track records of accomplishments and working in the best interests of Minnesotans.

We have DFL candidate for MN Governor Mark Dayton and running mate Yvonne Prettner (DFL Lieutenant Governor candidate) campaigning for a better Minnesota! As Mark says, we can, and we must do better!

Then 'we are blessed with fair elections and great officials' like Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. An outstanding hard worker and manager, he has improved the use of voter technology.. Ritchie oversaw the epic Coleman/Franken U.S. Senate recount, a role that the MN Supreme Court verified 'was done correctly'.

We also have MN State Auditor Rebecca Otto who cut her own funds by $1 MILLION and gave the money to the legislature to put toward the budget deficit!

And finally we have MN Attorney General Lori Swanson protecting and fighting for our rights. Lori Swanson is the first women to be elected to the office in Minnesota and was one of only four women Attorney Generals out of the 50 United States.Tell your family, friends and neighbors to vote and let them know who you support. Who we elect to office will determines the future of Minnesota. Go Vote!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Government By The People?

The Chamber of Commerce Horrors
First, the Chamber of Commerce lies about membership numbers, then they hurt local jobs by advocating outsourcing, and finally they support political agendas and campaigns with anonymous donations including foreign dollars mostly for the GOP (or party of no business regulations) and attack Democrats... 
"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which does not have to disclose its corporate donors, plans to spend $75 million on political advertising in this election, nearly all of it on behalf of Republican candidates. That's twice what it spent two years ago."
In Minnesota, the CoC is using/funding the front group, Coalition of Minnesota Businesses (CMB) PAC, for the worse kind of personal attacks against local Democrats like Rep. David Bly in SD25B, with their negative and misleading ads. Less than a third of organizations spending money on the fall elections thus far are disclosing their sources of funds, thereby denying citizens any knowledge of who is trying to influence the election, let alone toward what end.

These front organization often have the words Minnesota, American, Freedom, Small Business, Truth, and Free Enterprise in their organizations name, but don't be fooled, they are supported by and for big business and don't have the communities best interest as their goals. Their influx of big dollars can buy a candidate that will defend their special interests over our families and communities well being.

If things continue like this, next thing you know they will be filing for tax exempt status as a church (see below)...

The devil works in strange ways.

Federal law prohibits tax-exempt churches from publicly backing political candidates. But that’s not stopping Brad Brandon of Berean Bible Baptist Church in Hastings, Minnesota or Greg Stone of Jesus Assembly of God in St. Peter, Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Independent.

To repair our badly broken campaign finance system and restore a government that is – in the words of Abraham Lincoln – of, by, and for the people, Congress should take campaigns out of the hands of special interests by passing Fair Elections. This includes all business, corporations, religions and special interests.

Don't be surprised if you read about some church goer being disruptive during services this weekend...it's just me busy doing the good work. Have a nice weekend...cya 'out and about'...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cheeseburger Vellings

Pants on Fire
I find it so funny sad that Republicant John Kline (R-MN-02) who voted against the Employee Free Choice Act and is sooooooooooo out spoken and intent on breaking unions....accepts union endorsements. What's up with that? Well let's hope nobody notices them smooching in the closet!

To the Highest Bidder
MN Rep. Michele Bachmann, much like Rep. John Kline, won't show up at debates but will travel the world for any wingbat tea party gathering...Guess 'Silence is Golden' given their campaign war chests are full of out of state PAC money. Maybe to get them to show, their Democratic challengers and local voters can counter-offered with money? Nothing else seems to motivate them but greenbacks.

Now Who isn't the American?
Whoo...you mean Obama is related to Palin (or is it Palin related to Obama)? Maybe we should be asking for Palin's birth certificate? Yipes, that would make for one really awkward Thanksgiving family meal.  I thought we all were related to Adam and Eve? Or is that just for some? Will my dog meet me in heaven? Why does any of this matter?
No Sharing of Anonymous GOP Lovers
The surge of anonymous money is the latest development in corporate America’s efforts to influence the agenda in Washington...the best GOP representatives money can buy....Naturally the GOP frame it up under 'freedom of speech' and advocate keeping their 'sugar daddies' anonymous.  Most kept whores understand why.

It's Easy Peasy and Cheesy
There's chilling magazine tips to would-be militants on how to kill Americans. And no, it doesn't include eating at McDonalds three times a day, although that would probably do it if they're willing to wait long enough.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Am Not A Witch or A Quisling

Most folks aren't against motherhood, apple pie, American anything including baseball, or puppy dogs. Just like most folks (myself included) don't use the term 'quisling' or start a commercial by saying we're not a witch...Word up...if you do either of these things, you've already lost!

I didn't even know what a quisling was until I looked it up!  So I found it to be profound that it just slipped out during from the MN GOP Chair, Tony Sutton, while describing former Republicans that endorse the Independent Republican Tom Horner as traitors (quislings) that were going to hell...oops.. not just hell, but a 'special place in hell'. Wow...

Some advice to Tony, Klingon is probably a much better obscure language choice.
"Quisling-noun: a person who betrays his or her own country by aiding an invading enemy, often serving later in a puppet government; fifth columnist. Origin: 1940; after Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), pro-Nazi Norwegian leader."
So back to puppy dogs, butterflies, motherhood, and the real winner, Soon-to-be Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton!

Monday, October 11, 2010

UFFDAH Monday!

Obama-MN-izeme! Yes, TruthSurfer called it first... that Obama would be in MN stumping for Mark Dayton...and I still want that Obama guy we elected in 2008 to be the one that shows up. From the DFL State Website:
"Please join Mark Dayton and the DFL Party in welcoming the President back to Minnesota for an early kick off of our get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts. We don’t have all the details yet, but you can click here to sign up to attend the event and get the details for the President’s visit as we get them."
Down Low On Wardlow (R-MN-38B)
While Doug Wardlow is running for a government office, he apparently wants to keep his options open regarding which parts of the American Constitution he'll support...nice, very teabagger to support only those founding principles you agree with and to compare the U.S. Supreme Court to 'like-minded foreigners'!

Per Doug Warlow:
"Because I do not believe that the meaning of the Eighth Amendment, any more than the meaning of other provisions of our Constitution, should be determined by the subjective views of five Members of this Court [Supreme] and like-minded foreigners, I dissent."

His opponent Democratic Representative Mike Obermueller believes in the American Constitution without having to pick and choose which principles to support or not.

What's Up with Minnesota's Weather?
Obviously the temperature is UP! Global Warming now in MN? Well, I guess it's possible. If it keeps up, I can just retire in Minnesota and not move south for warmer weather...although called 'global warming' the outcome is severe and unusual weather that cause flooding, droughts, more tornadoes... What we have come to see in Minnesota:
  • The average temperature in Minnesota has risen almost one degree Fahrenheit over the past century.
  • Since 1900, precipitation has increased by about 20 percent in parts of Minnesota, especially southern Minnesota.
  • Shifts in location of Minnesota forests and grasslands, changing the types of plants and animals that live in the state.
  • Increase damages from floods and violent storms.
  • Reduced water quality— increased algal blooms and less oxygen in warmer waters.
  • Less habitat for trout, whitefish, and other cold water species.
But this weather change is occurring everywhere...I know that flat earthers like to say it's a natural occurring event and I'm okay with that...probably too late to change our global population behavior significantly enough to enact positive change through understanding something like science... but I reserve the right to say "I told you so".

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Democratic Rep Sandra Masin (MN-02-38A) or Teabagger Diane Anderson?

In CD2 there are several races seen to be close by the political pundits...one is between Rep Sandra Masin (D-38A) and challenger Diane Anderson (R).  Being a bit of an issue wonk, I took a look at each of their positions...and it became apparent that while Sandra Masin issue's are based solid and proven facts with a voting record to support that, Ms. Anderson is something of a weak teabagger...white washing issues with broad stokes of cute slogans and mantras and little understanding of the big picture...let's review some of Diane Anderson's failed policy stances:

Drill Baby Drill:
D Anderson: "To lower the gas prices the government should get rid of the government restrictions and allow the usage of the natural resources we have in the United States"
Me: Wonder what the gulf coast residence think of getting rid of government restrictions since the BP spill? I don't hear anyone anymore chanting the 'drill baby drill' mantra...er, wait...., no not even them now...seems Diane is a lone voice since the choir moved on.

Snake Oil:
D Anderson: "Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s Q-Comp incentive compensation for teachers is an important step to modernizing our educational system"
ME: Another faked, expensive and failed program...First, teacher incentives or bonuses don't work - studies have proven this. Secondly The OLA report found that of almost 500 Minnesota school districts and charter schools, only 72 are participating in Q Comp this year (they figured out it was snake oil!). Participating districts receive an additional $260 per student. In fiscal year 2009, Q Comp costed the state about $49 million OUCH that's a lot of school books which I hear still work in teaching!

Self Policing:
D Anderson: "Government’s role should be to loosen the tax and regulatory policies that have made health care more expensive."
ME: So we loosen those ‘regulatory policies' in banking… then the housing mortgage industry…and then in off shore drilling…well you get the picture... How's that 'self policing' been working out for Americans? This is text book GOP talking to justify corporation greed over American family needs. Perhaps Diane doesn't mind picking bugs out of her breakfast cereal but most of us understand the need for some government regulations...

Us Verse Them:
D Anderson: "Diane Anderson believes Minnesota's education funding formula must be fixed so that it no longer shortchanges suburban schools'
ME: Tell me again about why it's not about ALL Minnesota schools and just Suburban schools verses rural or urban schools in Minnesota? Of all the teabagger reframes , this one of 'I got mine and don't care about yours' is the most telling about the lack of leadership. Especially when you compare suburban education funding against rural and urban...

On Diane Anderson's website it says "Common Sense Leadership for Common Sense Reform!", unfortunately, we know better based on her failed issue stances that mirrors those of Pawlenty and Kline.

If this is, in fact, a close race, we need to get the word out to voters in the district about Anderson's teabag based leadership.  To do this, Sandra Masin's campaign needs both  volunteers and money....Please help her out by contributing today.