I grew up reading comic books wanting to be a superhero. Comics taught me that those who speak the truth are heroes, all the rest are liars.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Time Pawlenty Moves To La-La-Land

It's beyond time that Minnesota's Governor Pawlenty move on...he obviously is using the office of Governor to campaign for US President, and in of itself, that would be acceptable IF HE DID HIS JOB! But several years ago, Pawlenty bailed on Minnesota. He balanced the budget by future service cuts and future high interest loans that will come due when ...you know, HE WON"T BE AROUND TO SEE THE PRICE MINNESOTANS PAY.

Then Timmy decides we don't need federal dollars. WTF!? The reason I pay taxes is for the services they provide my community...if YOU don't accept federal dollars, I still pay the same amount! How about this Mr. Never Around Governor Pawlenty, YOU OPT OUT! Yes, you heard me, quit, leave, excuse yourself, and just go away.

It's not like you will be missed. You are running for higher office and could care less about the people in this state. Why else would the Star Tribune today say you rejected more money for programs (sigh) again. Enough already, we want help and we want services. I don't give a fig about your ideology but I do care for Minnesota and really enough is enough. It's time for you to move off to the La-la-land of your world where no one pays taxes, and you can drown government in a bath tub, and there is no paved roads and bridges fall down, children go to bed hungry, and education is solely for those few who can afford it.

Oh an one more thing Mr. NO TAX Pawlenty, while there is plenty of studies that show teen pregnancy prevention works...there is also plenty of studies that show abstinence-only doesn't work!
"The Cochrane folks studied 13 abstinence-only education programs – they could not find one that showed an “enduring effect” on teen’s sexual behavior."
"In addition to the Cochrane study, another federally funded study of four abstinence-only programs by the Mathematica Policy Research Inc., published in April of 2007, revealed similar results. The research group found that “participants had just as many sexual partners as nonparticipants and had sex at the same median age as nonparticipants.” In other words, abstinence education programs did nothing favorable –the result was the same as if there were no program being offered at all."

You have daughters, ask them. Bottom line is you are wasting $379K of Minnesotans money on a program that has proven to be worthless, while turning down $850,000 federal grant money for a program proven to work!  I've had enough of your far right out of touch, hurtful ideology...Ellen Goodman has it right when she wrote:

“Our investment in abstinence-only may not be a scam on the scale of Bernie Madoff. But this industry has had standards for truth as loose as some mortgage lenders. All in all, abstinence-only education has become emblematic of the rule of ideology over science.”

Go, leave, scat, while I still have one damn nerve left. You give a bad name to Minnesota!

BTW: Pawlenty, who is also writing a book while NOT DOING HIS JOB says the book 'will focus on his life reflections, his career and his "vision for America." Your vision is our nightmare.  Now shoo, off to LA-LA-Land Mr. King of Nothing....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bachmann Provides Fuel For A Race War

The more I read about Michele Bachmann, the more I realize she surrounds herself with racist bigots who's speech is meant to incite racial violence against other races, immigrants, poor people, and women.

Just take a look at her friend and bigot 'the Admiral'. His remarks would make a KKK grand wizard blush! And he makes these remarks with Michele Bachmann present so it's not like she doesn't know! Can we take it then that she also accepts and believes the same thing? If not, then why have an association with someone so radical a racist?

Michele's recent announcement that she will be speaking at Glenn Beck's Washington DC event this Saturday (restoring Honor Rally) leaves no doubt as to her support of racism. Glenn Beck's continued rhetoric of anti-Obama and extreme racist remarks leaves no doubt as to his leaning. The video below has Michele Bachmann replying to her anti-Obama statements, denying them, but then she still associates with anti-Obama pro-racist hate mongers, so what does that mean...you can surround yourself with bigots then deny supporting them. I don't think so.

The conservative extremist and talking head Glenn Beck describes himself and his fans as the real “inheritors and protectors of the civil-rights movement.” as oppose to those Americans who were denied actual rights? Like African Americans or Women? Say what?

Just last year Glenn Beck claimed President Obama secretly hated white people! I kid you not,THESE are the people Michele Bachmann has surrounded herself with and supports! Do most Minnesotans want the nation to see Michelle as representing them in supporting these types of beliefs?

It's hard not to have the big 'F' when you read crap like this on Michele Bachmann and her racist tea party nut cases! In May of 2009, Bachmann compared Washington, D.C. to “enemy lines” and urged her supporters to become “armed and dangerous” and fight a “revolution” against cap and trade legislation. This isn't normal everyday rhetoric...this is inciting and dangerous speech from the Tea Party Caucus Leader Michele Bachmann who is pouring gasoline on smothering embers. In the old days she would have on a white bed sheet on to declare her allegiance to hatred and bigotry. This paranoid person is not the person to represent Minnesotans.
"I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us, having a revolution every now and then is a good thing, and the people — we the people — are going to have to fight back hard if we’re not going to lose our country. And I think this has the potential of changing the dynamic of freedom forever in the United States"
Michele is not a nice person. My mom baked cookies just like Michele Bachmann but she would never spew hate lace speech nor stand by while others that do the same...and if I once brought home someone who spoke like the 'admiral', he would have a good talking to, and my mom would be questioning my judgement...I'm thinking we should hold Michele Bachmann to the same standard. Every child knows, if it walks like, talks like and quacks like a racist...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tom Emmer to Minnesotans: Dey Tek Er Jbs

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer's  billboards say, "Don't Lose Another Job to South Dakota." and Emmer's webpage says under ag issues:
 "Minnesota’s increased regulations and taxes have pushed many producers to relocate in South Dakota."
Emmer Billboard by Minnesota Airport
So now I'm to fear South Dakota? Come on, are they really that dangerous? Sure Ole went there one winter to hunt and ice fish... but he came back home without problems. And I'm not aware of their state's campaign to invade Minnesota.  Will South Dakota demand to change all the street names in Apple Valley from flowers to farm animals?

I did notice they signed on for the federal stimulus funds ...and they got $39.5 million in state fiscal stabilization funds from the U.S. Department of Education even with a GOP Governor! But nowhere did I find evidence that South Dakota is taking our jobs! Maybe that is where the 100K waitress jobs are? Hey now, South Dakota here I come..er...guess not!

This is where Emmer's logic fails, Minnesotans are a brave lot, they face winter each year, looking forward to the worse mother nature can hand them, let South Dakota take their best shot at us...we've seen worse. AND WE AREN'T AFRAID!

What's next in Emmer's campaign of fear?...a billboard warning us of Wisconsin? Canada? Iowa? or maybe the real bogeyman is North Dakota? Being afraid really helps Emmer in November or why else vote for him? Better yet, get real and vote Mark Dayton who's not afraid of our neighbors....It's called Minnesota Nice and most of us have it.

Here's the deal, we grew up, became adults and left the bogeyman thing behind us. Guess Emmer has some growing up to do.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shelley Madore Endorsed! Will She Beat Rep. John Kline?

Democratic congressional candidate, primary winner for CD2, and former state Representative Shelley Madore was endorsed by CD2 delegates during last night's meeting.

Dan Powers, the Democratic congressional candidate who was endorsed during the CD2 convention, graciously addressed the standing room only crowd and told them it was time to unite behind the primary winner.  Powers showed leadership ability in being able to set aside personal feelings and direct his supporters to unite and support the primary winner for the good of the Democratic party.  Powers told supporters:
'We need to come together to support the primary winner. It's in the best interest of this Congressional District and it's other candidates to make this story one of unity among the CD2 activists. I pledge to support Shelley and would like the rest of my supporters to do the same".
Powers showed his true commitment to the Democratic process and his belief that you abide by the process and what the people say. While I'm disappointed that Dan didn't win in the primary, I'm very proud of the way he handled himself last night. He demonstrated real leadership and I found myself wondering if Shelley could show the same leadership if the roles were reversed?

CD2 Chair Jeanne Thomas embracing Shelley Madore, CD2 Democratic congressional candidate and primary winner , after she spoke to the delegates asking them to unite and support the primary winner.
After Dan Powers spoke and prior to the vote, each of the CD2 officers addressed the delegates about the need to show unity within the district and to support the primary winner Madore. All around, it showed the solidarity of the CD2 leadership and demonstrated their ability to rally the activist base in heading off any hard feelings while gaining a consensus from the delegates to endorse the primary winner.

Now the question is, with little or no funding, not much time, and under Shelley's campaign directions, can John Kline be beaten?  I sure hope to hell the answer is YES!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Minnesota Check Out- Zombies, Madore, Emmer, and Demmer

Back Checking Allowed? Shelley Madore, Democratic congressional candidate and primary winner in CD2, is like a mosquito that keeps buzzing around...swat it, put on repellent, cover yourself with netting...she's still there buzzing...I suppose that is a plus when running against a slimy fly like Kline but I'd much rather have deep money pockets and a big fly swatter.  Still, it's time to move forward..it is what it is... Madore will get the endorsement from CD2 because for now it's her or Rep. John Kline, and nobody wants Kline.

Checking isn't just for Hockey!
Reality check on Emmer? Really, Come on...it's all there for you. I think there's a bigger and more important check on Emmer.  It's been a long time coming...but a Democratic Minnesota Governorship under Mark Dayton is in our future!

Beyond Pale - 165K Check!
Minneapolis police think Zombies are Weapons of Mass Destruction...er...at least their IPOD and speakers. When did we throw out the constitution? Every year they do this...so it was no surprise to the police or community...I find it ironic that a police spokesperson said they acted reasonable..really? So the 165K is just because they feel so...reasonable? Why not human flesh and tasty brains?

Oct 9 is the Zombie Pub Crawl 2010, It just won't die! Come use your constitutional right to be scary dead!

Bartender, the Check Please
I hear the GOP minority leader John Boehner will be in Minnesota around August 30 to attend a fundraiser for candidate Randy Demmer...that just means Boehner will be here to golf and drink with a little fundraising on the side! Look for him at a local golf country club in the bar between golf rounds. hiccup

Friday, August 20, 2010

Al Franken's Double Whammy of Truth

When we log onto the Internet, we assume we'll be able to access any web site we want, whenever we want, at the fastest speed possible, whether it's a corporate site or grandma Ruby's site. We assume that we can use any service to surf, watch video. listen to music, play games and send emails and messages anytime we want. What makes all this possible is Net Neutrality.

The UpTake  for obvious reasons has been following the issue of Net Neutrality. They have several really great posts including one from Minnesota Senator Al Franken who gives it the double whammy of truth:
“Net Neutrality is the biggest issue since Freedom of Religion, which until last week I thought we had worked out” – Senator Al Franken (MN-D)

Once again like Target, Wal-Mart, BP, or any other corporation, net providers care about their bottom line not your rights. They are lobbying Congress on this very issue. Call your Reps and let them know you want Net Neutrality. Demand freedom of the Internet or your ability to do anything on the net may come at the cost of both freedom and dollars.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tom Emmer is MIA ..Sigh...Again...

GOP Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer = Missing votes, Missing Debates, MIA on DWI
Emmer is passing on debates because "there have already been a lot of debates'...hmm...resorting to his standard behavior of skipping out of work! Missing a major debate is similar to missing important votes. It shows a repeated pattern of a lack of reliability on Emmer's part for playing by rules.
"There is no better opportunity to explain why you will be a champion for rural Minnesota than by debating the other candidates for governor in front of the mayors, city council members and city staff that make up the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities," said Timothy Strand, the mayor of St. Peter and the group's president.
Emmer's lack of discipline is only matched by his lack of respect for Greater Minnesota. By being MIA from the Greater Minnesota debate, Emmer is resorting to his old established behavior. His history speaks volumns about why he can't be depended on to even show up!

Minnesotans will definitely not miss Emmer when this election is over especially when he can't take the time to debate the other candidates.

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton = For A Better Minnesota

Favre coming back?
Looks like Brett Favre is back with the Vikings. Does this mean we have to fight building him a millionaires/billionaires sandbox to play in?  I guess if you're Independent Gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner  or GOP Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer you support the money for a new stadium. Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton is still undecided as to how a stadium would fit in...if it would... 

Personally, I support education, roads, parks, water quality, jobs, health care, day care, transportation....and when all that is paid for, if there is anything left over...well let's just say in the current economic down turn, a new stadium isn't very plausible espically without balancing the budget! I like the game as much as the next guy but I'm not willing to trade my kids future for the self gratification of building a stadium for billionairs while millionaires play...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Frankly It's Friday And I Don't Give A Damn

I'm eating Twinkies, which somehow is fitting given the week I've had.

A New Political Day
I'm excited about Mark Dayton being the Democratic choice for MN Governor. He's a great person, community spirited and open leadership. Secretly, deep down inside me, I wanted Dayton to win....

I'm not so excited about Shelley Madore being the Democratic choice for MN Congressional District 2. Although it would be an improvement over John Kline, hell my dog would be an improvement over Kline (and I don't mean to insult Burrito er...or Shelley!). But with Kline's fundraising skills and the special interest mega-monies from war, health, and retail, he's probably unbeatable regardless of who gets the nod from Democrats. Still you always hope for a miracle or a major screw up. Why voters don't vote their best interest is beyond me to explain.

Minnesotans are also eating more Twinkies!
When I moved to Minnesota, it ranked number #2, just edged out of first by Alaska or Hawaii. Since moving...well, they started slipping...I blame myself. I'll try and do better.

Funny thing is, when we moved, it was either Minnesota or New Orleans...I voted New Orleans but the husband said Minnesota...I became a fat person in skinny Minnesota (then) as opposed to a thin person in fat New Orleans (then and now). Fortunately it's not as noticeable since the rest of Minnesotans have apparently taken to eating since I've arrived. We're #6 has a nice roundness to it-) Bon appetit!

Too busy to blog...and it's Friday!
Did you know Robots/Spiders crawl through your websites as visitors? Creepy Jesus Jehoshaphat, I'm not making this up...So who's going to be able to sleep tonight without thinking about robot spiders! What's next, Vampires? Aliens? TeaPartiers? Zombies? Mutant bats? Rethugs? Clowns? er...I guess the last two are the same...

The Internet has become a downright goddamn scary place to be! But have a nice weekend...If you need me, I'll be under my bed. With a gun or two. Always remember Zombies Rule #4 Double-Tap. "If you think it’s dead (technically it was before you shot it), one more makes 100% sure." I'm not sure that applies to politics but can't hurt-)

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400

Friday, August 06, 2010

Hot Dog Malarkey!

My sleep has been disturbed lately by politics and I need a break. When I can’t sleep…my minds naturally wanders to hot dogs…Yeah, the critical mass of hot dogs, their bacteria decomposition, if hot dogs would make good weapons of mass destruction, the fact that 100 billion hot dogs is as heavy as 40,714 blue whales…There’s a lot to think... so here's some hot dog malarkey:

1. Any hot dog eaten at a sports game is great but not as good as the very next one will be! This is a universal law. I've had hot dogs at stadiums all over the country and never had a bad dog. Which makes me a little sad to realize I won't be eating a Dome Dog again, but the very next dog eaten at any baseball game will be my very best...until the next one! I call this the hot dog theorem.

2. For hot dog eating anywhere else on planet earth, Hebrew National is the best! Yes they are Kosher (meaning 'fit to eat') but most importantly, they are the best tasting dog. There are some few exceptions to this like #1 above or eating a chili dog at Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC, or Nathan's on Coney Island and the urban hip Po Dogs in trendy Capitol Hill strip of Seattle. I've eaten dogs are all of these and have to say...they rock not just because of the dogs but the friends, family and environment that came with the dogs.  However, for the most part...Hebrew National has my tasty award for their meat!

So inquiring minds want to know...what constitutes a great hot dog? To me the perfect dog is a grilled Hebrew National served on a lightly toasted bun with a little slightly spicy golden mustard, ketchup, pickle relish and grilled onions. Some like Chicago or New York, or Philly style, but I'm more of the plain jane of hot dogs.  The exception to this might be a National dog with good southwest chili topped by raw onions and a little sprinkling of aged Cheddar....and a shot of Maalox an hour later...(Yes I'm willing to suffer in the course of finding that perfect dog!)

In fact I like dogs so much I've been thinking about buying my kids a job as a hot dog vendor. Naturally we will be serving up MN's hot dogs on a stick (even if they didn't originally come from here). So my life's work with hot dogs continues... Dam...I'm hungry...time for a dog break... Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Jesus Won't Save Me -Update!

So I posted earlier about a school/religion issue with School District 196 email list. A few hours ago I was notified they would post out information clarifying the group in question (Young Life) affiliation as a Christian Group. That was done. I told them that I sincerely hope the school district doesn't use any resources in the future to promote any religious group activity...we will see...

A special shout out to MN ACLU...who immediately turned it over to their legal staff. I truely believe had I not told the school districts I'd done so, we would still be back to me complaining and the school district not being responsive.  You can join MN ACLU for as little at $35 a year ...or donate (which is tax deductable!).

Jesus Won't Save Me!

I got an Eagan High School emailing earlier this week from  School District 196 ( Eagan, Apple Valley, Rosemount) of a Christian event....only the email didn't identify the event as christian...see below:

From: EHS News [mailto:ehsnews@district196.org]

Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2010 7:21 AM
To: EHS Parent Information
Subject: [ehs_parent_information] EHS Parent Information

WOODSTOCK is coming to Eagan! NO JOKING!
Young Life presents……WOODSTOCK, a fun music festival for ALL AGES!
6:00PM to 10:00PM
Eagan Community Center Band Shell
Come to hear some local talent. Here’s the line up!

The Gleason Brothers, play 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and pop/folk music
The Flip Side, Eagan HS students play their own original, alternative music
The Whiteboard Theory, EHS students play their own alternative rock music
The George Hottinger Blues Band, have played all over the Twin Cities, play outstanding popular Blues music
Admission: Adults: $10, Students $5, kids 10 and under , free
This is a fundraiser for Young Life, scholarships funds for camps and service projects

I didn't recognize the school club 'Young Life'. I assumed it was a school club because the same email also mentioned a fundraiser for the girls hockey team. I asked my daughter. She didn't know. So then I google Young Life. You have to go several pages in but I found out they were a CHRISTIAN group who's vision statement reads:
"Our Vision: Every adolescent will have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him."
You see the problem here don't you? I'm not CHRISTIAN. I don't want my children attending CHRISTIAN events. I don't want a school district email promoting Christian events! I'm sure many Christian parents would object to this use of school resources and if their children attended other religious event without full knowledge of them.

So I wrote Superintendent Jane Berenz of School District 196 saying that by omitting the 'christian affiliation' of Young Life in their email, they were not allowing parents to make an informed decision regarding their children attending this event.

Superintendent Jane Berenz emailed back:
"Thank you for bringing this to our attention. From time to time, high schools share information about community events that might be of interest to students and families. I have asked Dr. Reikowski to be aware of events like the Young Life event in the future"
WTF$@! kind of message is that? No acknowledgement of the issue and no resolution! So I email back this morning...'an email needs to go out to the same group letting them know the 'CHRISTIAN' nature of this so-called  'community event'. Although I'm being kind because it's not a 'community event'; it's a 'CHRISTIAN event'. Since the event isn't until August 10, it's shouldn't pose a problem in the school clarifying their initial omission from the initial emailing.

Well see what happens but this raises other questions. Going forward is the school district going to allow all religions to post out 'community events' like passover Seder meals, Ramadan events, or Knights of Columbus gatherings under the guises of FUN community gatherings omitting their true nature and goals? I don't think so...

Let's cut the bull and say it for what it is...they used school resources to promote a religious event and now to make it right, they need to clarify that event or retract it so parents can make an informed choice. They might even want to address that going forward they will fact check and not allow groups with this type of affiliation postings. The email is between the district and parents and when you subscribe it says:
"..numerous email lists to support improved communication between the district and residents, between schools and parents - even between individual classroom teachers and parents"
I’ve contacted the MN ACLU regarding this matter and will keep you posted. And no- in case you couldn't tell, Jesus isn't my personal savior.

So I posted earlier about a school/religion issue with School District 196 email list. A few hours ago I was notified they would post out information clarifying the group in question (Young Life) affiliation as a Christian Group. That was done. I told them that I sincerely hope the school district doesn't use any resources in the future to promote any religious group activity...we will see...

A special shout out to MN ACLU...who immediately turned it over to their legal staff. I truely believe had I not told the school districts I'd done so, we would still be back to me complaining and the school district not being responsive. You can join MN ACLU for as little at $35 a year ...or donate (which is tax deductable!).

Ry Cooder Jesus on the Mainline

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Keeping Minnesota's CD2 Blue!

CD2 has a bevy of top notch candidates running for office...Every one of them has worked to establish their campaigns and define their issues. It's been a team effort from the first and now the hard work is paying off. In recent years Minnesotan Democrats in CD2 have taken the very solid Red CD2 district and turned it into Blue. They hope to make it even bluer this election.

In the last six years CD2 has gone from five elected Democrats in Minnesota's House and Senate to having a whopping fifteen! They want to build that momentum even more and create a solid Democratic base coming from a district that was 'jerryrigged' by the GOP in the last redistricting to be a red foothold! But no longer....

I can't help but smile to realize that the Senate District (SD38) where Governor Tim Plenty resides now has Democrats Senator Jim Carlson and Rep. Mike Obermueller representing his interests! 

CD2 is also home to Minnesota's Attorney General Lori Swanson. In 150 years of Minnesota's Attorney Generals, Lori Swanson is the first women to be elected to the MN Attorney General's office. She is one of only four women Attorney Generals out of the 50 United States. Lori Swanson is dedicated to justice and quality – and has gone up against very powerful interest and won. She's smart and articulate with a strong sense of fairness.

CD2 has also seen a ground swell of support for Democrats in recent days especially for CD2 Congressional candidate Dan Powers running against Congressman John Kline and his far right ideology and partisan voting. Dan stands for living-wage jobs, clean renewable energy solutions, affordable health-care for everyone improved educational and better opportunities for our children.

Vote in the August 10 Primary Election for the DFL endorsed candidates. You can never have too many Democrats in office!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Something Doesn't Add Up with GOP Candidate Doug Wardlow (HD38B)

GOP House Candidate Doug Wardlow (38B) had a reception sponsored by GOP Congressman John Kline on January 17 at Jensen's Supper Club in Eagan...Up at Wardlow's facebook are pictures of the kick off including the club's reader board (posted below). Looks like it was well attended but interesting enough...there's no mention of it on his campaign filings other than two very small individual donations of $50 each.

So where's the rest? Only two people out of the crowd gave for the total of $100? And where's the inkind for the location, food and drink? Jensen Supper Club is very nice...here's a peek at their banquet menu from their website. It's very nice but it's not FREE! Why wouldn't there be a cost or inkind from Congressman Kline (CD2) or from Kline's PAC?

Makes one wonder if either Wardlow doesn't understand his obligations to truthfully report his campaign filings or his campaign made a mistake or the GOP base doesn't believe he can win against the very popular first term Democratic Rep. Mike Obermueller so they aren't funding him? Anyway you look at it, something doesn't add up in Doug Wardlow's campaign!