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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Protest John Kline's 'Torture Bill'

Calling all CD2 activists and friends:
Protest against Rep. John Kline's 'Torture Bill' tomorrow morning..Thursday (9/28) from 7-9 a.m. at John Kline's office.: 101 W. Burnsville Pkwy #20,

Bring your own sign..be creative. Suggestions:“Kline Sponsored Torture Bill" “Tell XXX NO to Torture” “Call Rep. Kline: 952-808-1261".

DJK has a summary on Kline's torture bill.


Scorpio said...

The infamous criminals in Congress voted in favor of torture. So now our only hope is something like international censure and the arrest overseas of torture perpetrators. Hully gee, how special!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick at heart about this. History will show this as being very wrong, but that's no satisfaction for those caught in it's web of reckless law.