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Thursday, September 21, 2006

'I Will Do Better'

CD2 (and the South Metro especially) has probably the greatest list of Democratic candidates. They are on fire with the passion and Minnesota values that reasonate with voters. One of those candidates is Sandra Masin in SD38. Her motto is 'Calling for Common Sense'. I would add to it, 'and not willing to pull any punches!'

Check out IMP's video podcast of Sandra's dressing down of Republican incumbent Tim Wilkins. Yes sirrey...We got ourselves some real winners. Take some time and take a look then dig into your checkbook and give!

MN Senate Candidates in CD2
Jessica Peterson SD25
Laura Helmer SD34
Carolyn Sampson SD36
Michael J. Germain SD37
Jim Carlson SD38
Senator Jim MetzenSD39
John Doll SD40
Katie Sieben SD57

MN House Candidates in CD2
Tim Siebsen 25A
David Bly 25B
Rep. Patti Fritz 26B
Marcia Krueger 34A
Gary DeVaan 34B
Doug Zilla 35A
Taylor Kristoffe-Jones 35B
Dave Laidig 36A
Paul Hardt 36B
Shelley Madore 37A
Sandra Masin 38A
Mike Obermueller 38B
Rep. Joe Atkins 39B
Will Morgan 40A
Karla Bigham 57A
Eileen Weber 57B

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