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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mary Kiffmeyer - Those Darn Internets

Mary Kiffmeyer, knowing so much about the internets and all, said recently in the Rochester Post Bulletin (registration required)

When I took office, the Web site was an 8-by-10 picture of the former secretary of state. We have dramatically changed the information that is available on the Web site and the phone lines and things like that...

How neat, unfortunately for her, her web-history is wrong, and even though she does not understand these things, it can actually be proven how wrong she is. Heck, most computers did not have a screen much bigger than 8x10 back in 1998, and the website was quite detailed for the day. If she hadn't improved the site much since then, then she would be completely incompetent (rather than just mostly incompetent). Yaay Mary! You kept your head above the water, but why the need to lie about your predecessor?

Why is this important? Because she has been criticized for not providing the full information that is required in state statues on the SoS website, and she keeps updating the site depending upon what Mark Ritchie criticizes her about.

Mark Ritchie is trying to help people have greater access to the voting booth. But I guess Mary is just going to have to keep taking Mark's ideas in order to do to her job. Hopefully she won't have that stressful job much longer.

More on this soon...


Bill said...

I missed this story, thanks for the link. I will be sure to link to it from Kiffmeyer Watch


Ag said...

Fantastic! :)

Ag said...

yeah, I know - my snarkyness just did not come through very well there. I thought about changing that line, but I figured that part would not be taken very seriously. In hind sight though, I should have not put that line in.

I had been using bigger monitors for about 10 years before that, and loved the old gopher net. The truth of it is, that the SoS website in 98 was impressive, and had more goods in it than Mary's comment suggested. Like she has the right to slam on Joan.

thanks for the kind words though :)