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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I don’t think you know that that word really means

Continually the right wing tries to use the word “Independent” as a word to describe themselves. First we have Mark Kennedy, who is running away from Bush as fast as he can, and now we have one of Kennedy Staffers (Michael Brodkorb - aka MDE) running away from his connections with Kennedy. Don’t any of them want to stand up for each other?

Mark Kennedy is scared of Bush and Michael Brodkorb is afraid of Mark Kennedy (but is happy to take his money as long as he does not have to be called one of his staffers). I do understand their repulsion, it is well deserved, but really, they are supposed to be on the same team aren’t they? I am just waiting for Tim Pawlenty (another shrill republican who is slimy enough to try and slip away from Bush et all, even though he is a crony to Bush like Kennedy is) to diss both of these guys (again who are supposed to be on the same team) and call them weenies.

The main lesson here, is for the “real” journalist who mine MDE for spin, they should really think twice now. He is nothing but a press release Staffer for Mark Kennedy, who is stuck to Bush, the “War,” and the rest of that failed presidency no matter how hard he tries to run.

“Independent” does not mean what they think it does.

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