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Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello? I'd Rather Be Robbed Than Murdered!

- Good news! er, sorta... violent crimes like rape and robbery are down in Minneapolis...but not so much murder! And the media is all over this one...sigh..'oh look a bright shiny violent crime down'...let's not talk about murder!

- Odd even for Minnesotans....Who would have thought we'd live to see the words Michelle Bachmann and Intelligence in the same sentence let alone on a House committee. Another sign that the Apocalypse is nearing for Minnesotans. So we seat batshit crazy Bachmann who still can't intellectually understand the cost savings of compact fluorescent light bulbs over conventional bulbs just to prove to the world we still have a sense of humor?...I guess we should be thankful we're off of cooper candle lanterns.

- Move along nothing to see. Remember the non stop coverage of possible voter fraud in Crow County, Minnesota? Well here' s the non-coverage of it's outcome! Another urban voter fraud legend screamed all over the blogs, websites, newspapers and tv...only to die a quiet lonely death. Ssshush, or the truth just may get out!

- Get out of here...no really just leave! If you don't want to follow the constitution regardless if the majority of your good ole boys vote against it...You should not be part of the union and any federal dollars should be sent elsewhere...you know, ah where they actually follow the constitution.

Legislative leaders in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas and Utah, as well as Virginia, who are backing the repeal amendment shouldn't be in office...if they don't believe in the United States...they should be in jail for treason or living somewhere else.

- "The good people are in jail"...Peace Now... Several Minnesotans were among those jailed this weekend demonstrating with Vets for Peace on the White House lawn...how much longer will this illegal war be allowed to go on?

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Minnesota Central said...

FYI : Steve Drazkowski, member, Minnesota House of Representatives has vowed :
"The federal government continues to squash the sovereignty rights of the states as guaranteed by the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution unrelentingly and at an accelerating pace. From countless unaffordable federal mandates imposed upon Minnesota's healthcare system, education programs, and even families, the overreach of Congress has gone unchecked. It's time for the states to restore their Constitutionally-protected autonomy, and that's why I am going to sponsor the Article V application for the Repeal Amendment."