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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dining on Minnesota Politics

Seems like I live on a diet of politics...maybe I need to adjust this for my New Year resolution, but during this holiday season there seems to be more than enough baked goods to go around.

The dynamic duo of DFLers Ken Martin and Marge Hoffa are running for Chair/Associate Chair of the DFL. Will they pull it? Possibly. I actually haven't heard of anyone else running against them, and certainly many of the bread and butter DFLers are lined up behind them given their extensive time and experience in the party. Do I support them? Possibly. Think I'll wait and see if anyone else throws their champagne glass down...I was really hoping Howard Dean would move here but I guess I need to put that fantasy away.

Minnesotan Norm Coleman would like a turn at the RNC buffet, but was politely waiting for Michael Steele to finish up and step away...unfortunately... Steele surprised most by announcing he's seeking a second term as Chair of the RNC...apparently, the fried chicken and potato salad is too good to pass up a second helping...

Coleman, feeling the bangs of hunger, changed his mind again (something Minnesotans have grown accustom to Norm repeatedly doing if it's self serving), and is still considering a run for RNC Chair. Other than lutefish, not sure Norm brings much of anything else to the table.

I like a small sample of a rich dessert, but instead will offer up a big sample of a sour lemon cream pie in the face...Out of a field of GOP failures, Bachman leads in the polling to run against Senator Amy Klobuchar (D). Even MN. Governor Tim Pawlenty is left with flour smeared on his face...this is just so bittersweet...probably not the best way to end a meal...

I will be blogging infrequently (about once a week) during the holiday season while I dine on butter cookies, chocolates, russian tea cakes and variously other holiday treats...It's not that I don't have a lot to say, but my fingers get too sticky to type during this time of year...be of good cheer around your soulful xmas tree!

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