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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

School Age Bullies

Remember the good ole days when Mom sent you off to face the bullies at school , but you had to find your own weapons?

"This emergency is one of our own creation; we can respond," Sen. Scott Dibble said today. "We can change this. We can take those affirmative steps so that every kid who goes to school knows that they are valued, that they'll be safe, that they're loved, that they're going to get an equal shot at a good start in life."

We've all been through it, but that doesn't make it right...School need to look at their culture to make sure any bullying is appropriately address including gender based bashing. Here's a couple of articles regarding the legislation in Minnesota regarding bullying... MPR, The Minnesota Independent

Did I mention I had to walk ten miles, in the snow, no shoes, at night, with a broken leg, carrying my own books to school...no? Funny how time tends to shade the past...whatever, wish I had the kid to walk with...gives a whole new meaning to bullying...

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