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Thursday, December 09, 2010

This Is Friday's Rant

Hmm...I see that several local blogs are turning the 'great eye sauron' on to Brian Melendez and his future (or not) as the DFL Chair. Overall Brian has performed well during his tenure. He took the DFL from a basically 'oshucks non-communication folksy good boy operation' and moved it up into this century. Under his tutelage the DFL is more open and wired (website and calendar with lower DFL units linkage). He installed a communication department and continues maintaining the bones of the DFL through fundraising and making tweets and changes that have organized and improved operations. Simply stated, Brian Melendez was the right person to lead...at that time.

Are there complaints, sure... things can always be improved, but given where the DFL was when Brian started, he's made a real impact during his time in office...

The question everyone is asking, Is he the right person now? I've heard (as has others) that Brian won't run again which eliminates the need for the question. But we all know how very grueling and tiring anyone in leadership can be coming out of campaign season. Factor in the recount, and this becomes doubly so. A quick decision made coming out of this can always be changed...but for the sake of brevity, lets say Brian isn't running...

There are plenty of rumours as to who is...and some I see as strong candidates while others I don't view as being viable...but I wouldn't want to start posting on what isn't confirmed yet...waste of my time and yours...however I would be remiss if I didn't point out that while money/fundraising is an important factor, one rich donor doesn't equate, nor should it, into what's best for the DFL or who should be the DFL Chair...we're a big tent with plenty of ideology of which fundraising is just one important area!

DFLers are diverse, but we all have the community at heart. I've no doubt that whoever is elected the 2011 Chair, they will want to continue to expanding the role of the DFL as Brian has in supporting communities, help those less fortunate, advocate for civil rights and play a major role in Minnesota state policy. That is what brings us all together.

I'm shortening my week until we're through the holidays, so today is my Friday..cya next week...

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