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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Cup of Racism in the Morning

Usually I don't listen to radio during my morning commute but my disc player wasn't working so I had a new experience...I'd liken it to smelling the aroma a skunk leaves for the first time...unique not very pleasant, downright foul and somewhat painful. Yes, it was just that bad.

What I'm talking about is listening for about ten minutes on the ride into work to KQRS in the morning...After ten minutes I would have bet my last dollar the KKK runs the morning show or at least a closely veiled group with similar views, but surprise, it's owned by Walt Disney Corporation.

The radio announcers commented on the latest census data showing Minnesota has a large and growing Somali population (true) but then went on to peppered comments like "it's because Minnesota offers the best welfare" but if that was true why is Minnesota ranked 17th ? And assorted other comments regarding the typical jackboot comments against minorities like...a lack of work ethics, being Muslim, having terrorist supporters and if the census data say it, then it's double the number of 'them' in Minnesota...it was like a coffee clatch of Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Michael Richards. They presented it as acceptable 'down home' racism...

On and redneck lie on the show went on...but the gist couldn't be missed... THEY ARE OPENLY SUPPORTING RACIST behavior and stereotyping of a entire group of people and promoting it via radio...

When I went to google them, it was no surprise at the numbers of complaints, or the various groups that they have attacked under the guise of 'entertainment'. In lieu of the type of morning show they run, I'd like to make a couple of recommendations to really improve KQRS format:

  • Change the call numbers from KQRS to KKKs, that way we all know what to expect and move them to 66.6 on the radio.

  • Hold KQRS accountable for anyone that has ever listen to them and then commits a 'hate crime' of any kind. I'm sure they believe strongly in accountability!

  • Talk about the immense welfare state for the wealthy. The wealth of Minnesota millionaires has doubled under the Pawlenty administration, as their state and local tax rates have decreased by 4 percent but our taxes has gone up...

  • Require that talking heads of any type be able to provide the 'facts' not just blow smoke up our arses to support their views or allow equal time for those that do, and fine them if they don't or others prove they are blowing smoke!

  • Just as TV must label itself every 15minutes as being for a mature audience, have KQRS label itself every 15 minutes as being a mature and racist radio program.

  • KQRS is owned by the Walt Disney Corporation, so have Mickey as the hate DJ...let's really show the young the Disney Corp. world view they are supporting.

Do they have a right to freedom of speech even if that speech is intolerant, ignorant, and inflammatory? Sure, I guess so, I can always turn them off, but like all shock jocks, when they openly pander to the hate crowded, they should take some responsibility and accountability by sharing in the costs to society and individuals by hate crimes.

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Minnesota Central said...

Tis the season for bashing !

Let’s remember that free radio has a purpose … make money … money from advertisers … complaining to Disney won’t do anything, but how about the companies that advertise on the station ? I don’t listen to the station, but let’s assume that CUB Food is an advertiser … well, next time you are in the store, ask the Store Manager why they are advertising on a KQRS that is bashing Somali families … don’t they want Somali families as customers ? Remember CUB is Consumers United for Buying … do they really want to tell a growing segment of consumers that they should unite and take their business elsewhere ?
Will complaining to the store manager make a difference … probably not, but it will make him think … and if you tell your friends the store manager’s reaction, the word will spread.

Second, let’s move on to the politics of the KQRS sentiment. Hopefully, you read how bashing immigrants cost Whitman the CA Governorship with the conclusion that “ until the GOP stops frightening Latinos, there'll likely never be any Republican elected governor. The Somali voting segment is not that large today, but it will grow … when the GOP bashes any group --- ethnic group or working group --- it will cost them votes … Emmer never recovered from his bashing of waitresses and other low wage earners.

Yes, Tis the season for bashing ! Did you hear about the Letter to the Editor to the small town Saint Peter newspaper written by Dennis Johnson where he complained of not being permitted to “play” Santa for two Head Start classes ? The LTE produced a story in the larger Mankato Free Press newspaper and that story got picked up by MinnPost, City Pages, etc. --- “It kind of burnt me up,” he said, speculating that program officials turned him away in deference to requests from immigrant families that don’t celebrate Christmas. Well, the “forums” are going crazy … because there are Somali families in the Head Start program. Overwhelmingly the pitchforks are out “If you don’t like our customs, get out” but there are a few other voices … the Jewish person who understood how one can feel “different” … and the Jehovah Witness who talked about having to get sent to the library when his schoolmates held celebrations … and the mother who said that she did not want her child to “believe” in the Santa Claus … and the mother that professed great concern that Santa could be a child molester ( sadly, her concerns are valid … Especially when considering the frightening statistic that child molesters will molest at least 52 children and sometimes as many as 150 children during their life. And, only 3% of these crimes are actually discovered. )
All good reasons why a parent may object to having “Santa” visit, but the focus is on the Somalis … SAD.

Oh, one last thing, maybe there needs to be a little education … I suspect that most Somalis that come here are part of the Refugee Resettlement program … they are not coming to seek a job … they are coming here because Congress enacted a law to save these people from intolerable conditions … but to the “anti-government” movement that is just another reason to bash Congress.

Oh, well, have yourself a Happy Holiday Season.