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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The MN Star Tribune: Where Zombies Fear To Roam

I've blogged recently about how zombies apparently ate the brains of the Pioneer Press editorial staff - but I might have been a wee bit too hasty in my rush to judgement. Instead, it appears the Pioneer Press editorial staff brains were in fact given to the Star Tribune editorial Staff...at least in so far as the Star's endorsement of Rep. Mike Obermueller in 38B:

"Like his father, the 32-year-old Wardlow is bright and personable. He also is among the most doctrinaire conservative candidates we met this year. The more moderate 37-year-old Obermueller gets our nod.

Obermueller, a farm-raised, Iowa-educated commercial litigator, isn't a show horse at the Capitol. But he works hard. He made his specialty the important but obscure House Bioscience and Workforce Development Committee, which strives to assure bioscience entrepreneurs that Minnesota can supply the educated workforce they'll need to thrive.

A fiscal moderate, Obermueller is in no hurry to raise taxes. But he will be a firm voice for a lasting fix for the state budget in 2011, rather than another round of temporary measures. That's the right resolve."

I'm still at a lost as to why the Pioneer Press newspaper didn't make the same rational endorsement decision but hey, that's 'zombies under the bridge' for now... especially since I decided to stop feeding the Pioneer Press's tolls/zombies/weak editorial staff by canceling my subscription. (Truth be told, I did this a couple of years ago when it was apparent that the Press endorsement process was a poorly run sham that relied on mistaken information from a part time staffer and GOP blogger!)

The Minnesota Star Tribune also endorsed Mick McGuire's candidacy for the Minnesota House in 25A (also in CD2).

"As mayor, McGuire knows first-hand how to creatively cut spending to preserve basic services. He also knows that for cities like his, core services are now unavoidably on the chopping block if state aid cuts continue. State government could use that kind of knowledge."

It's nice to know one of Minnesota's newspapers is worthy of more than just starting the morning fire:-)

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