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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Fat Lady Sings For A Better Minnesota!

It's official, the Honorable Mark Dayton is Minnesota's new Governor by roughly 9000 votes. Mark will assume office January 3, with the Legislature to convene the next day. Dayton will be also be facing a GOP Legislature and a $6.2 billion Minnesota State budget deficit.

Dayton's win also means Democrats will have a seat at the table when it comes to redrawing the state's congressional and legislative districts. Mark Dayton really cares about families, communities and doing good. I am a bit surprise that Mark's opponent, Tom Emmer. decided not to pursue a frivolous losing election battle. I underestimated his ability to do the expedient and correct thing for Minnesotans.

So a Republican majority in both the Minnesota House and Senate, a new elected MN DFL Governor, 18 disconnected GOPers, a 6.2 billion dollar deficit and redistricting...Should be an interesting time...stay tuned and make a toast tonight to our newly elected MN Governor Mark Dayton!

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Minnesota Central said...

IF you liked Court involvement in election recounts, just wait for redistricting.
Dayton may have a seat at the Redistricting Table, but won’t this really be a perfunctory mission as in all likelihood the Minnesota Supreme Court will have to appoint a special redistricting panel just has it had in the past. Governor Karl Rolvaag was the last governor to sign redistricting legislation … it’s been over 40 years that the Governor and legislature have not had to punt to the courts. Since the MN Supreme Court has a definite Pawlenty imprint (as well as stacking judges at the lower court levels), it might be very entertaining to watch … and will they get it done in time for the 2012 elections as it is not uncommon for federal courts to intervene.

My suggestion would be to bombard the new state legislators with input on various bills … you know that they will be getting an earful from MCCL, Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Taxpayers League, etc. … so they need to hear from ordinary families.