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Saturday, June 17, 2006

'W' For Strong Democratic Women Candidates

I took a walk today in the Cottage Grove Parade with a couple of great Democratic candidates...and it wasn't until someone mentioned it that I realized they were all women!

Yes, five endorsed DFLers... and all are women! This is one time when the capital 'W" stands for WOMEN. Ironically W probably was a motativing force behind their decisions to become involved in politics.

I encourage everyone to visit their websites and if you can give money! We will win with women (five 'W's!)

Karla Bigham, (MN Rep candidate SD57A)
Eileen Weber, (MN Rep candidate SD57B)
Katie Sieben, (Current MN Rep & MN Sen candidate SD57)
Coleen Rowley, (CD2 Congressional candidate)
Amy Klobuchar, (US Senate candidate)


Anonymous said...

Hear them roar!!

Anonymous said...

It's about time women play a key role in politics. The men in charge have really messed it up!