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Monday, June 05, 2006

A President Pretty In Pink With Cookies...

Before Bill became President, Hillary Clinton had become an accomplished attorney and was widely known in Democratic policymaking circles as a successful children's advocate. She was also a Yale-trained lawyer who had made partner in one of Arkansas most prestigious law firms. By all accounts, Hillary was a self made women. Now, there's loads of speculation she'll be running for President which has brought out the yea and nay sayers...

"The truth...
...Is that Hillary Clinton is not very interesting. She doesn't lead. She doesn't address real problems that people are facing. She preens and self-righteously moralizes about the flag and how kids are lazy and play violent video games. She passes some reasonable legislation, like the minimum wage increase, and works on good things like net neutrality. But there's nothing particularly interesting, considering that her last name is Clinton." Matt at MyDD
I'm adding my nay to the growing list...but surprising enough I really don't want to but...In 1992 amid mounting criticisms of how active a role she had in establishing policy, Hillary put on a pink designer suit with a white apron and entered the 'Family Circle' presidential wives' bake-off (between Clinton and Barbara Bush). It was a feeble attempt to mollify the asses and thugs by acknowledging where they saw her place...Which, I might add...Didn't work.

In my eyes it was like she was trying to play stupid or worse yet...Blond. And in case you don't know the reason for pink:
Observers parsed Clinton's pink suit for meaning and it was read as deliberate costuming. A tough woman had wrapped herself in sugary innocence. She was trying to seduce an audience into believing that nothing untoward could have been done by the little lady in baby-blanket pink.

It was difficult to see any irony in Clinton's pink suit, although there well may have been plenty. A woman in pink, exuding all the connotations of girls being made of "sugar and spice and everything nice," is a cliche that stubbornly lingers in the culture. Clinton wasn't so much mocking the process as succumbing to it. She was settling into her "proper" place if only for the photo of. For Clinton, a pink suit worked like a shield.

Isn't it past time we judge women in the political arena for their acumen and not their cookie receipe? Really I don't give a fig if the President can bake cookies, I just want to know if she'll show the necessary leadership to help guide our country and make wise decisions while being a solid and trusted figured. And I want the women I vote for to be strong enough to keep to policy over cookies no matter how hot it becomes in the kitchen.

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