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Saturday, June 10, 2006

DFL Convention Day 2 Update 2

3:30 PM On the 4th ballot Becky Lourey was dropped off. She indicated that she would see everyone in September. I take that to mean she'll be running in the primary without endorsement.

The count for the 4 ballot:
total 1394.5
60% would be 777 votes
Hatch 580.5 for 44.8%
Kelley 429 for 33.1%
Lourey 282.5 for 21.8 (dropped because she's not at 25%)

so the question will be where will Becky's people go. Will they go to Hatch, Kelley, or home?

I predict that 60% go to Kelley...the rest to hatch although I bet at least 10 to 20% go home.

Stay tune...

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