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Thursday, June 15, 2006

2,500 Reasons To Get Out Now

Per the Pentagon:
American deaths since the invasion of Iraq have reached 2,500.

Tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed.

18,490 US troops have been wounded in the war.

Meanwhile, Bush tries to devert attention away from the facts.

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memberblogger said...

God Bless our fallen soldiers. I cannot imagine the courage it took for them to pay the ultimate price.

God Bless our fallen's families. I cannot imagine the courage it takes to loose a loved one in a war. My prayers go out to them and they will be near in my thoughts.

Our "leaders" should attend each and everyone of our fallen's funerals and pay them the respect that they deserve.

We should be given the chance to pay our respects to our fallen's flag draped coffins (with their families consent). These images should not be kept from us to protect the "leaders".

Why do we line the streets and pay respect to President's who have passed, as their flag draped coffins drive by?

Why do groups of our "leaders" supporters feel it necessary to try to name everything after one President, who died?

Yet they do not do it for each of our bravest, our fallen. Those who gave their all!

Their names should grace our streets, our buildings, our monuments.

We should line the streets and pay our respects to their flagged draped coffins as they are driven to their final resting places.

Where are our "leaders" morals, to take this due respect from our fallen?