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Monday, June 26, 2006

Is MN State Auditor Anderson Suffering from Number Fatigue?

Minnesota's Auditor Pat Anderson must surely be suffering from number fatigue given the $12 million in errors posted in reports on her website and now claiming to be twenty positions lower than her assigned start in the Farmington Parade lineup!

It would seem that Pat Anderson was not happy with her late entry number and was telling organizers she was number 43 instead of 68. She insisted they had made a mistake and needed to move her group up in the parade line up.

Unfortunatedly Pat Anderson remained at her higher assigned position when organizers told her that she would have to provide proof. (Anderson claimed she had a written notice from them giving her a lower number but failed to produce it). According to one organizer, every year they can count on Anerson to complain about something and demand 'special' treatment.

So, how hard could it be to track your parade line up number especially if you're Minnesota's State Auditor? Is this just one more sign that being the watchdog isn't Anderson's forte! Maybe it's time for a change to Rebecca Otto.

BTW, the republican'ts marched with a blowup plastic bulldog/watchdog that kept deflating and the music "who let the dogs out'. John Kline (R) had some large dogs with posters....but the show stealers where the two little brats (boston/rat terrier mix) dogs that marched with the Coleen Rowley for Congress group!

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