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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Omens Of Doom

The 'Coalition of the Willing' (which wasn't all that big to begin with) has really been shrinking as of late. The lastest to annouce exit plans from the coalition is Japan and Italy. For those keeping score, the United States deploys the vast majority of the soldiers in the occupying coalition with the majority of other troops coming from the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom will probably continue to follow Bu$hCo's folly through the Iraq quagmire and right over a cliff. In fact by all accounts we may be 'free falling' right now given today's events in Iraq:
Japan and soon to be former coalition member Italy... will have plenty of company with former coalition members: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Spain, Honduras, Norway, Dominican Repubnlic, Philippines, Thailand, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Netherlands, Moldova, Tona, Iceland, Kazakhstan. South Korean, New Zealand, El Salvador, Norway, the Netherlands and Thailand.

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