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Saturday, June 10, 2006

DFL Convention in Review Day 1

No big surprise. Amy Klobachar received the endorsement for US Senate.

There was two challengers but between them they drew less than 1% of the votes. They did manage to get 24% to uncommitted to show disapproval of Amy's position regarding her lukewarm stance on withdrawal of troops in Iraq and also her insistances that nukes are an option she wouldn't rule out.

While I personally want a stronger candidate on these issues. Combined with all her other assets and positions Amy makes a compelling candidate and one that will surely be better than Kennedy.

I'm disapointed in the direction the peace first folks took in trying to promote an issue by hurting a Democratic candidate. Surely even they are aware that Amy will be better than the rethug option. And while I kept hearing we have to send a message...how about this...let send a POSITIVE message. One full of our hopes and dreams and beliefs and thoughts without cheap positioning on top of individuals. Additionally, they spent a lot of time and energy by calling delegates and alternates that could have been better spent developing talking points and information on why we should be out of Iraq instead of why we shouldn't support Amy. Lastly I believe they hurt their cause by standing outside outside the convention and telling folks Amy was 'republican lite'.

For the future of the peace movement, we need to concentrate on issues and promote those who carry our message. Energy spend on tearing up someone we need as an ally won't further the cause....

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