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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pulling A Boehner

Republican Majority Leader Boehner is a creep. Think Progress posted up a memo that takes a look at how his mind works......here's the summary of what it's says:

1. Exploit 9/11. The two page memo mentions 9/11 seven times. It describes debating Iraq in the context of 9/11 as an imperative.

2. Attack opponents ad hominem. The memo describes those who opposes President Bu$h's policies in Iraq as sheepish, weak, and prone to waver endlessly.

3. Create a false choice. The memo says the decision is between supporting Preznut Bu$hCo's policies and hoping terrorist threats will fade away.

Here's my reply to Boehner

Dear Mr. Bu$hiter Boehner, Here's some help defining rethugs:

1. Traitors that don't look out for or set policies in the interests and welfare of all Americans or uphold our constitution.

2. War Profiteers and Halliburton shills that make money off of their policies including the war in Iraq.

3. Murderers for not following up on pre 911 warnings, pre-emptive war in Iraq, stripping FEMA and it's ability to respond timely and adequately during Katerina,jholding prisoners indefinately with charges or trail, and intentionally not caring for America's weakest, poor, seniors, sick and youngest.

4. Criminals for all the above, for law they broken and malfeasant malfeasants of office.

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