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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Putting The DNC Convention In Minnesota

Next week, June 26-28, Minneapolis/St. Paul will play host to delegates from the Democratic National Committee Technical Advisory Committee. The delegates will help in determining if Minneapolis/St. Paul will host the National Democratic National Convention in 2008. Among the other cities looking to play hosts is: New Orleans, a sentimental favorite, Denver. a strong contender as well as New York. AP says
"While they're here, they'll be treated to a $20,000 reception at the Walker Art Center. They'll also find $500 worth of flowers in their hotel rooms and they'll each go home with gift bags valued at $200, according to documents obtained by the Star Tribune. The Twin Cities are finalists to host the GOP or Democratic national conventions. Democrats will be in town June 25-28, and Republicans will scout out the area in August"

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