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Monday, June 12, 2006

DFL All-Stars

US Senate – Amy Klobuchar
US Congress – Coleen Rowley
MN State Governor – Mike Hatch
MN Secretary of State – Mark Ritchie
MN State Auditor – Rebecca Otto
MN Attorney General – Matt Entenza


Anonymous said...

Hello? Ever hear of Tim Walz? The guy who is going wup GOP ass in the 1st CD?

mnsky said...

I didn't list all eight candidates for US Congress because well...there's eight of them and I'm in CD2 hense the Coleen Rowley pitch. But yes I've heard of Walz and it's all been good. I hope he wins in November...heck I hope every single Democrat (but Liebarman) wins this fall. If I have the chance to help outside my district I will but right now all my energy (probably like yours) is geared in my own backyard and getting the swing voters to understand the issues and what Democrats have to offer them.