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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sentenced To Die

It's ironic that hanging is also a crime against humanity.
What exactly is the lesson we're showing?!
Where's the christian/legislative outcry?
Oh I get it, he's not Terri Schiavo.
Are only certain lives deemed sacred?

No matter how it was done,
this will be how America will be viewed by Arab states,
afterall, it was Osama Bin Laden that attacked us.

Somewhere between the two extremes, there was another way. صدام حسين عبد المجيد التكريتي‎


Ag said...

way to go! make a martyr out of him

stupid sobs

Anonymous said...

Terri Sciavo was a helpless, innocent woman who was starved to death upon order of a magistrate.

Saddam Hussein is a murderous thug who butchered thousands.

Mnsky, your moral equivalency is sickening. Don't attend any DFL events. Your stench will be overwhelming.

mnsky said...

If the criteria you've set up for who lives and who dies as "a murderous thug who butchered thousands", then many of our own American politicans should be sentenced to death. Let's start with Bu$h who intentionally faked data to put into a war that had nothing to do with 911....

On second thought let's not, bubba will look good in an orange jumpsuit and justice will still be served as it would have with Saddam.

Save your political moral compass for the pack mentality. The only thing that stinks here is your lack of compassion, reasoning and value system. Just because you want it, doesn't justify it or make it right, it just makes it all the more self serving.

Anonymous said...

Faced with a moral dilemma you cannot answer, you made no mention of Terry Schiavo nor of the war crimes of Saddam Hussein in your non-response.

Are you a DFLer or a Green?

mnsky said...

I don't have a moral dilemma, I was very clear that Saddam should not be executed.


Anonymous said...

"Truth Surfer [...] I grew up reading comic books..."

That explains your confusion.

truthsurfer said...


Anonymous said...

Good news: the Republicans were repudiated, and - according to the referenda that passed in the states - we are centrists.