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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Shame Of Kiffmeyer!

From Representative Bill Hilty in the Duluth News:

...and Kiffmeyer no paradigm of voting virtue

Here are the Top Ten Reasons Why Kiffmeyer Should Not Have Been Endorsedby the News Tribune (“Keep Kiffmeyer as secretary of state,” Oct. 30):

10) When she took office, Kiffmeyer replaced virtually all of the nonpartisan civil servant staff with partisan political appointees.

9) In 2002, when Senator Wellstone was killed, Kiffmeyer tried to stop local elections officials from sending replacement absentee ballots to voters who requested them. (Overruled by the Supreme Court).

8) In 2004, Kiffmeyer banned Independence Party candidates from the ballot despite their major party status. (Overruled by the Supreme Court)

7) In 2000, she published informational brochures with the wrong date for the DFL caucuses. Even after the DFL complained, Kiffmeyer continued to spread this misinformation.

6) Kiffmeyer tried to stop Hennepin and Ramsey Counties from distributing federal voter registration forms, the effect of which would have been to thwart voter registration drives. The Department of Justice ruled in the counties’ favor and admonished Kiffmeyer.

5) According to the Wall Street Journal, “Minnesota’s Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer is tired of hearing her state’s ‘same day’ registration extolled.” She has hinted a number of times that she would like to see it abolished.

4) Kiffmeyer has neglected to implement a law, whose passage she opposed, which allows residents of battered women’s shelters and group homes to have absentee ballots delivered to them.

3) Kiffmeyer has repeatedly tried to make it hard for Native Americans to vote by fighting to limit the use of ID’s issued by tribal governments. She has gone to court twice over the issue and been overruled.

2) Local elections officials overwhelmingly report that Kiffmeyer is autocratic, arbitrary and singularly unhelpful — just ask them.

1) Kiffmeyer said at a “National Day of Prayer” gathering in 2004 that “the five words” that are “probably most destructive” in the nation today are “separation of church and state.”


Anonymous said...

I can't wait till Ritchie (hopefully) wins on Tuesday. If Buck Humphrey (whose only positive attribute was his last name) can come within 4%, someone as smart as Ritchie should be able to win by about 5%.

truthsurfer said...

You nailed it...Ritchie is more than just a 'talking head' getting by.