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Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday's Smackulator

It's Friday which makes me a 'ray of sunshine'. Have a great weekend but first some smackdowns...

Who says that newspapers are dying? Well maybe if they report the news instead of making up fruity trash that panders to Minnesota's monkey queen. The MN Strib went that extra mile in crowning Bachman...

"Instead, she's [Bachman] arrived in Washington as a ray of sunshine in a gloomy GOP establishment stunned by a storm of voter discontent that gave both houses of Congress to Democrats."

--When I read Carville's call to replace Howard Dean I got mad and wrote a lengthy retort. But then I realized anyone with a brain wouldn't believe his hacking...so here's the very short version of my rant:

James Carville is a boneless bat faced shrill that couldn’t direct traffic out of a high school parking lot. His armchair 'Emanuel' venom against Howard Dean’s phenomenally successful 50-state strategy is nothing short of ludicrous. Those of us working the field in Minnesota knows where our added political might came from and it wasn't the DCCC!

My advise to Carver: Step away from the DCCC gun being thankful that this time you only shot your foot.

--I've heard lots of conspiracy theories. Some I believe, some I don't disbelieve, but this one is just plain stupid...

"Al Gore flies in to warn about global warming and -- he's done it again! -- Victoria gets snow in November. Call it the Gore Effect -- the uncanny ability of the world's most famous global warming alarmist to cool any place he tours. You see, this has happened to [him] rather a lot..."
Next thing you know, there'll be tales of Minnesota being warmer becaue Gore visited here!

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