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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mountains and Mole Hills

The Republican standard operating procedure.

  • Step 1; Avoid talking about any issue - because your party has been a complete failure on every issue
  • Step 2; Wait for your opponent (normally Democrats), so say something unrelated to anything that you can spin against them
  • Step 3; Call you buddies in the Main Stream Media (you know the ones the GOP owns) and tell them to talk about nothing else but the mole hills until they become mountains.
  • Step 4; Wash, rinse, and repeat.
The culture of corruption has not gone away, the Republican Party is still a failure when it come to issues that effect the common good, all of our families, the lives of our soldiers, and our standing in the world. So, please ask yourself when you come across the MSM and GOP over-built Mole Hills, is that who you want staying in power?

We are not fooled, not distracted, and as resilient as ever to bring Minnesota values back to the leadership in this State, and representing us in Washington.

Stand up and keep fighting! Even if it means we have to step over their pathetic mole hills.

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