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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Is The Fat Lady Singing?

Centrisity brings up some scary but real points when he talks about the balance of power:
Joe [Liebertman] pledged to caucus with the Dems, and I only hope he honors that pledge. Regardless of what he does, there is a Chairmanship for him. But there is another scenario that is even more intriguing, and that has to do with the future of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. President Bush seems to have as much power in determining the balance of the US Senate as Cheney would if it were 50-50. With the tumult that has surrounded Rummy, culminating over the last several weeks, The President has a Win-Win option before him. Fire Rummy (or accept his resignation, same difference) and appointment Joementum to the post. This allows for the GOP Governor to appoint the replacement, and what do you know, 50-50 and Cheney breaks the tie.
We now know the Rumsfeld is out, so did Flash nail the scenero? If so, then the fat lady is gonna sing and soon with Bu$h schedule to speak any time now.

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