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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baker Lays An Egg

Well it's here...the report that was suppose to resolve America's role in the the Iraq war. Unfortunately, it's a muddle as the rest of the Neo-Con's pipedreams of being greeted by cheering Iraqis...The much touted Iraq Panel led by James Baker chokes on offering any specifics: no specific dates, numbers, plans or details. As Hirsh spells out:

"This meant that somehow, in ways they could never spell out, the Israeli-Palestinian issue would be resolved after democracy was achieved in Iraq. Now Baker's thought seems to be that the road to Baghdad goes through Jerusalem. This is just as silly as the earlier idea. Take this down: the road to Baghdad goes through Iraq."

American can't seem to grasp that Iraq will determine it's own future. We are no longer in a position to dictate actions or terms. It will be what it will be and our involvement on any level but humanitarian is criminial. It's what lead us into this mess:

"What's happening in Washington right now is the worst sort of cover-your-backside politics. The nation's officialdom, Republicans and Democrats both, continue to indulge in the outer-galactic notion that Iraq is "winnable" or "losable." President Bush still seems to be deluding himself that "Al Qaeda" is behind the violence in Iraq..."

Yeah the report language sezs it all -Bush will be urged to start troop withdrawal soon, the "implicit message" being that it should begin in 2007. As for the American combat brigades presently in Iraq, it was unclear whether they "would be brought home, or simply pulled back to bases in Iraq or in neighboring countries." Can't get much more cloudy than that. What a joke.

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