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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

MN Nice Unless You're Keith Ellison

I've been reading daily articles in the strib for weeks that attacking Keith Ellison for his parking tickets et al - And I've been told it's not based on his race or religion. So the question I pose is this...

Why has the strib for weeks on end examined every administrative infraction of Ellison's but failed to equally cover Ember Reichgott Junge's falsely claiming that she has DFL party's support? Where's the same zealous overboard reporting? Hmmm...what could be the reasons for this difference?

Black Male

White Female

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Anonymous said...

Probably because most of the media, like me, are embarrassed by the ridiculously unConstitutional statutes the DFL has enacted to protect their brand.

By the DFL's logic, every unit of the Democratic party should rename themselves for branding purposes. Then when we get swiftboated, we sue because they mentioned us by name (brand).

It's a joke.

Ellison's tickets will stick to him because everyone who's ever paid one of Minneapolis's usurious tickets will relate to the story (hey — I had to pay MY ticket...).

A better match would be finding Republican candidates who've played games on their taxes or ever been cited for their treatment of their employees.