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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coleen Rowley On Blue America

Wow! Once again, Coleen Rowley nails Kline sorry ass for his total lack of values. Among some of the things that come out: Kline has considerable personal stock holdings in Pfizer — the disclosure forms say it’s between $1,000 and $15,000. And that doesn’t include nearly $100,000 in campaign contributions from Big Pharma. No wonder he so strongly supported the provision of Medicare Part D barring Medicare from negotiating lower prices from drug companies. THere's plenty more so surf on over:
Today we had Coleen Rowley as our live guest on the Blue America series at Firedoglake. We do this online meet-up with a candidate every Saturday at 11 AM(PST/2 PM East Coast). Coleen is an exceptional woman and an exceptional candidate and she's running against the most far right extremist in the Minnesota congressional delegation (and in a decidedly moderate district). If you're not familiar with her and her candidacy, you might enjoy going to the archives of today's Q&A and reading what she had to say.

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