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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kline Campaign Caught Anonymously Posting

Kline, or a mini-kline campaign worker with the user name klinefan, was caught redhanded posting anonymously at Dump John Kline's blog. So was the mini-kline a volunteer or a paid staffer? Did Kline pay him by the line or the posting? Does Kline approve of anonymous attacks...well..er...since it was a staffer from his office we can only assume the answer is yes.

Time to throw this bum out of office. Vote Coleen Rowley for a change.


Anonymous said...

There is suppose to be a discussion of the impact and role of local political blologs on Almanac tonight.

mnsky said...

Yeah...I wonder if this will come up as a topic...Kline got all huffed up about Rowley when a staffer compared him to the blumbling Klink and wanted an immediate apology...now that the shoes on the other foot, do you think Kline is working on his apology for having a staff person posting anonymously against rowley? Probably not...still might be interesting to see if they bring it up.