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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

His Day's R Numbered

If you follow Kabbal there are signs and omens in every number. While I'm not a Kabbalist, I've always found numbers interesting and think the following spell out trouble...

1, Bush’s veto total (just last week)

3.04, The soaring gas price per gallon. Way up and doubled since Bu$h took office.

7 seconds, Bu$h attention span if it doesn’t include violent military action or sagebrush.

19 minutes…Defines most parenting as just another fast food like concept! I'd like to see a comparison to the time Bu$h spends vacationing while in office.

$78.40, The cost of a barrel of oil. When Bu$h took office it was under $25.

100 – 150 per day, The war crime of the deaths of civilians in Iraq for last two months.

400,000 embryos languishing in storage tanks at fortility clinics in the US.
- 28 is the number of pregnancies that will result from these embryos.
- 0 is the number of embryos that Bush will allow for scientific research.
- 399,872 is the number that will be eventually thrown away by Bush's policy of life.

50 Million, What Elvis (yes even dead!) still earns a year. Not sure Bu$h can take credit for this but I'm sure he'll try. Must be nice to use airforce one to get to graceland, and then have a private tour.

1.2 Trillion, Cost of the Iraq war.

2 Trillion, New Updated Cost of the war.

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