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Monday, July 10, 2006

Mark Kennedy Is Mean, Rude, Offensive and Thoughtless.

I witness Mark Kennedy’s complete lack of 'Minnesota Nice' this weekend when he told a parade marcher that came up to him in Lakeville:
“That’s what’s wrong with Democrats. They all lie, all of the time.”

Number one, He said this in public at a parade around kids. What kind of role model is that to say something so inflammatory and polarizing around youth? Think of the hurt if the kids have Democratic parents? Hell, I was hurt and I'm not a kid!

Number two, How can voters/taxpayers expect Kennedy to work toward any bi-partisan legislation given his attitude and what he's says?…Obviously Mark Kennedy won’t work with all elected officials to help all Minnesotans.

Number three, His 'over-the-top statement' that slanders so many shows a complete lack of professionalism, discipline and ethics. Yes there’s probably some democrats that lie, just as some republican’ts lie, but not all of ‘em, all of the time, not even him!

Number four, His website today has this quote:

"This is truly a sad day for the U.N. and for those of us who genuinely care about promoting respect for human rights and religious freedom."

How can Kennedy respect human rights of another country when he doesn't respect the rights of all Minnesotans? Is that even possible givcn the level of intolerance he has to half of all Minnesotans? He's asking to be elected to a position where he's suppose to represent all Minnesotans...By his behavior this weekend Kennedy is mean, rude, offensive and thoughtless. But most of all, Kennedy showed he's not capable of representing Minnesota.

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