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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Random Thoughts On NSA Spying

Great Quote on what's wrong with using domestic spying:

Systems setup to stop the "bad-guys" invariably get used against the "just-as-bad-guys", the "almost-as-bad-guys", the "bad-looking-guys", the "we-think-they-must-be-bad-guys" and the "if-they-oppose-us-they-are-bad-guys".

Is There an Echo in the White House?
Bu$h chose Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden to lead the CIA. Mr. 'data miner' Hayden headed up Bu$hCo's domestic surveillance programs at the NSA.

National Insecurity!
Coleen Rowley (Minnesota's CD2 Congressional candidate) at Huffington Post:

"There is a more fundamental problem with the administration's willingness to invade privacy and trample civil liberties in the name of national security. Many Bush administration tactics, including use of rendition and black sites, third party data collection , warrantless surveillance , and treatment of U.S. citizens as enemycombatants, are of dubious legality, and the administration has gone to great lengths to avoid judicial oversight of its actions. The result is an extralegal, 'underground' system of "intelligence" collection and detention which is not only contrary to American ideals but also not accountable to either Congress or the courts"

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