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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Deanster Vells On Immigration

Howard Dean advocates a rational approach to immigration:
"...the President tried to hide the truth about his guest worker program, which would force immigrants into indentured servitude and fail to protect U.S. workers and their wages. For what little substance the President did offer, he left out critical answers on practicality and cost, at a time when our national debt and budget deficits are at record highs and our national guard is stretched thin.

What's worse, the President failed to denounce the House Republicans' plan to criminalize immigrants, families, doctors, and even clergy, leaving many to question whether or not he will stand up to the extremists in his party."a reference to the Sensenbrenner bill, which passed in the US House last winter."

...Democrats have been consistent and will continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform that is both tough and smart. That means reform that strengthens our borders. It means reform that protects U.S. workers and their wages, reunites families, and allows hard working immigrants who pay taxes and obey the law the opportunity to apply for the responsibilities of citizenship."

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