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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Crashing the Gate at the Louisiana Cafe;

As this Kos event was early in the morning, something Kos had as much trouble with as the rest of us who were there, the crowd was only around 40. I say only, not because 40 is a small number, but rather because it is small compared to the more than 100 that was at Drinking Liberally last night. From watching what was said at New Patriot, it seems like it was a similar stump.

For the record, I think this guy is right on. The DNC, needs to, no, must get out of DC and get into every part of this country. The technology that is allowing this revolution of political activism is in it infancy, but we need to keep plugging away at it to help build the as solid of a Democratic community as we can.

Another point that he made, that actually surprised me a bit coming from him, but something I too agree with, is the need to not let single issue groups trump true coalition building. It is a challenge to do this in a big-tent party like the Democratic Party, but we must learn how to allow candidates to speak to what they believe, with authenticity. The small differences we share can be overcome if we unite for the common good.

Other notables that were there were Coleen Rowley, candidate for US Congress in the 2nd District. She is much more passionate than I had previously witnessed. Its good to know that she is taking the Netroots this seriously. Also in attendance was Andrew Borene, candidate for MN State House from Edina. He too is a great candidate who speaks with a strong and authentic voice, and who will be a solid representative for his district. There was a good mix of folks, and the event was well received.

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