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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No Dome Dog For The Rich!

Not to keep beaning the batter in the head with a foul ball, but...got this email and thought it was worth sharing...it does have some new crap!

"This is crap. The way it is funded is serious crap. A tax that only affects Hennepin County is crap. The proposal that passed does not give any special buy in or pay back for the team, more crap...

So what's the crime rate in Hennepin County? Hasn't it risen every year as the funding for education goes down. Who needs public transit and affordable housing anyway? It's all crap.

Yeahhhhhhhh, Minnesota will now have a 'nuevo' Twins stadium that will have gastronomic food choices. No dome dogs for the rich! And CEO's can enjoy (and afford) the heated seats and climate controlled corporate boxes . What a load of crap.

I would support a publicly funded stadium like the Romans. Yeah that's the ticket... Bring back classical Roman culture. Let's see if they give these MN legislative morans a thumbs up or fed them to the Lions.

There should be consequences for their votes and Hennepin County shouldn't be the only one to pay! What we need is more lions and less crap"

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