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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sanctity of Marriage or Anti Gay?

America will never lead the world in rights and freedoms when we try and deny rights to our own individual Americans. While many frame this issue outside of human rights, when you're treating or proposing to treat a class of Americans differently (homosexual, heterosexual, women, old folks, white, black, youth,,,), make no mistake this is about rights. In America We ALL enjoy liberties and rights under the law.

This issue of rights based on sexual preference seems to break over age with older 'boomers' being less likely to support 'rights for all' while Gen-Xers (20-30s), regardless of party affiliation, more likely to support SSMs (same sex marriages). They say that's because boomers still carry baggage from their parents. Still my folks have been married a long time (as long as I am old!) and they are outraged that any group would take it upon themselves to try and legislate a ban on SSM.They don't see the distinction between a race, a religion or a sex bigot.

Given today's divorce rate, touting the 'sanctity of marriage' is a joke. How could gays do any worse? And the institute of marriage could probably use the business with less and less of us Gen-X and Y's getting married.

Still I don't suppose they care about rights and liberties afterall they have their prejudices and self-righteousness to preserve and attempt to enact through our laws. But let's call it for what it is: Wrong, evil, appalling, anti-American, gay bashing and just plain prejudice.


Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to believe in the sanctity of anything which is the subject for gameshows.

truthsurfer said...

Well if the shoe fits?! It is the Boomers in charge (control) of most the political systems and it is the Bommers that are pushing for the 'marriage amendment'...look at thier leaders for a clue...I didn't blame Constitutional Conservative Republican...but they also seem to have control at the Federal level and also seem to be giving large shars of money to these special interest groups...again, as an individual you may not be in agreement but my generalization regarding Boomers stands...Kudos for thinking for yourself...and for the record..I'm a bleeding heart Liberal who is also fiscally conservative...